Driveclub - Jaw-dropping weather mode visuals

After the Weather patch went live today, people started to make some screenshots and the results are jaw-dropping.
Evolution's Driveclub proves it's truly one of prettiest - if not 'the' prettiest - racers of this moment on consoles


Fixed the thumbnails

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realplayer821229d ago

Definitely the best looking racing game so far. Not even close.

ExtoVert1229d ago

If click the right side of the touch pad you'll enter photo mode and get some amazing shots.

Forn1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Kind of hope Digital Foundry does an analysis for this update. It's absolutely amazing.


That mirror though... LOL no but for real, the game looks great. Best weather effects fo sho

innocentrebel1229d ago

What's up with the rearview mirror? No rain falling behind the car!

SniperControl1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


You would rather have Evo spend precious resources rendering top notch graphics and weather effects inside a tiny rear view mirror for something you look at occasionally?

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MattE1229d ago

It is the best looking alright.. Just isn't the best

badz1491229d ago

I love how the weather effect the behavior of the cars while racing. I was playing just now and my god I slid and spun so many times on tracks I've played so many times on when they were dry before! just to prove that the weather is not just cosmetic but added depth to the gameplay which is very nice! now races are getting more challenging but the online races still need more rains and snows!

I already Platinum the game 2 days ago but I'm still coming back for more. let see how those BAC Mono and Twin Run dominate the corners now that the tracks are wet, ha?

the weather effects look stunning, the best I've seen yet and with the update, they also teased 2 new DLCs - Elements and Red Line if I'm not mistaken. can't wait for these! keep up the great work EVO/Sony!

BlindMango1229d ago

Yes! I just played a track, the rain actually moves on the windshield (physics!) - When making a left turn or drift on the track, water moves from the left side of the windshield to the center before the blades move it back. It is simply incredible, it is the first game I have ever played where windshield rain effects have wowed me!

SharnOfTheDEAD1228d ago

You even get spray from cars ahead of you sending water running up your windshield. Really is well done.

Magicite1229d ago

I knew this will happen - people criticized DC at launch, but after a while they started praising it, because fog has lifted.

Spid3r61229d ago

Nope FORZA Horizon2 and 5 look better.....Sorry I go and see the Demos side by side and it seems that people just go by the hype in what they showed at E3 and Gamescom

badz1491229d ago

talking strictly about the look, you've got to be playing DC on CRT TV and Forza on HDTV to even say that Forza look better.

G20WLY1229d ago

Okay, you clearly joking or drunk. If it's attention you're seeking, well, here it is - congratulations...;^)

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tlougotg1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Had this game released with these effects and online fully functional the scores would have been a lot different. From the beginning it was my opinion this game shouldnt have received less then a 8.5 but now its should be a 9. I dont mind taking points off for broken online but i do have a problem with bias reviewers making exceptions for certain games not deducting points or mentioning online but turn around and screw Drive club, the latest is With Halo collection most didnt even mention broken online and still scored it high smh, hypocrisy is crazy!


I didnt say some didnt but i seen some reviewers give Halo mastercheif a 9 without even havent played the mp. With Driveclub it seems all reviewers or most took out points for the online an made it an issue.


After GT6 lower sales and critique bet your money polyphony are going to make a masterpiece, these ppl have ocd for perfect and greatness and im sure everyday it bothers them that GT6 wasnt highly acclaimed or sold as good as the others! I cant wait man this is going to be insane on Ps4, hope iceteam is onvolved somehow as well.


Yeah especually online aspects of the games but imo its a trade off for eveolution nof gaming. If most of these companies just play it safe and dont change anything i doubt their would be so many problems. If they just made cute, cartoony, non realistic games these would be issues. If publishers didnt rush them these things wouldnt happen. I like the more realistic approach gaming is taking and appreciate it and understand these games will have issues due to complexity. What i dodnt stand by are completely broken games and ridiculous and numerous issues. Also no slight to cartoony cute games because i love games like Ni No Kuni, SF 4 art direction wasnt realistic, Mario, etc....

PiNkFaIrYbOi1229d ago

Eeee, it happens all the time with games. Especially since more and more games are coming out broken and need a patch before you can even play the game anymore it seems.

Darkwatchman1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

a lot of outlets scored the Master Chief Collection lower than a 7 because of the broken online. The most notable of which was gamespot.
They gave it 6, mentioning that the single player experiences were great, but the multiplayer was broken.

joab7771229d ago

It's another example of a vision gone terribly wrong. It's too bad too. Hopefully, as it slowly becomes what it should have, it becomes a nite cult hit.

LBP3 is similar. It's like their vision was too big with the co-op. But for those that love the creation side, it's very impressive.

It's almost like they just needed these games out so they could shift their focus to 2015.

telekineticmantis1229d ago

Ok,I'm not gonna lie, that's beastly.

AlphaBlackWolf961229d ago

This is the single most realistic game I have ever seen this side of Uncharted 4, and it gives me hope for what GT7 might become.

UltraNova1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Project cars is the only thing out there that can compete with DC's visuals right now even though it still needs to be released and compared.

Hope Polyphony give's Evo a call for some tips on GT7...

I just really hope for some accurate engine/exhaust sounds this time around. Dont care if they add damage or not, just give me that V8 rumble, that V10 scream and GOD that V12 porn!

Dee_911229d ago

Have you heard the latest sound update and the Subaru concept and lotus 97t ? PD are definitely on track with the sounds lately, and they will only get better.I already know gt7 will be insane.

UltraNova1229d ago

No actually I haven't, but I'll take your word for it.

I have tremendous trust in Polyphony so the only thing that really bothers me is the sound if they fix that then I'll be a happy racer!(ok maybe those loading times and menus can be considerably reduced as well).

Dee_911228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Heres a good video showing the improved sounds
Still needs work but for a gran turismo its revolutionary lol. I take it you haven't played gt6 because the menus are like light speed compared to gt5 menus.

UltraNova1228d ago

Good comparo video. Indeed the sound got considerably improved over 1.13 but as an avid car nut I can assure you those car sounds are still synthetic and unrealistic.

But as you said for a GT game, 1.14 was evolutionary not revolutionary ! haha.

To answer your question no I didn't buy GT6, but I sure as hell played it for hours on end at my mates place on a 90 inch projector screen and a bleeding edge 1500 w 7.1 surround system and let me tell you, apart from the visuals the sounds were pretty unrealistic. I m sure it was after 1.14 patch though cause the last time we were playing was 2 weeks ago.

Regarding the menus, the My home screen is still clattered (less than GT5, admittedly), while from picking a car to actually starting a race is still ps2/ps3 fair with all those tweaks and options in between..

With that said PD is definitely on the right track here and considering the ps4's power with 8gb of ram we can expect some pretty hefty improvements with GT7.

For now I'll buy Drive Club since it looks fixed and the weather system is up and running.

Have you played it? Impressions?

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