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It’s November, cue another Call of Duty. Cue another generic installment as well. Although, it’s not bad per se but it’s neither good. It’s full of gimmicks and Kevin Spacey. The campaign is predictable (of course) and it tremendously lacks fluidity. The gingered step child that is double jump in multiplayer overshadows a really improved shooting system. Along with a marginal attempt at a co-op game mode, you’ve got yourself a dud. If your friends don’t play multiplayer (or you don’t have friends at all), then there’s really no outstanding reason to purchase the game. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare receives a generous two-and-a-half out of five.

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Dudebro901263d ago

Pretty terrible review. Sounds like a cod hater.

CorndogBurglar1263d ago

Yeah. I'm not a CoD player, but its pretty obvious this guy is just a hater.

jasminlenovo1263d ago

Yeah this one is a good review

lildudexst1263d ago

He right I love cod my k/d stay around 2.00 but this year can't even get pass 1.00.The speed is to fast for it own good.
Shoot first you lose, shoot second you win smh. No improvement to the hitmarker this year worst then black op 2 hitmarker. How did we go from on point in ghost to complete shit. This below average cod to the other cod.Ghost played safe and still was better then this shit. It true call of duty no more.

No passion in making a great amazing call of duty any more. Just another simple shooter game.Hope oneday cod will return to it old form. Mind blowing ! Not trash so disappointed

gnothe11263d ago

im really falling outta favor with the COD series...once the 2 original creators (zapella.west)left this series has went to crap...the hit detection is HORRIBLE.....this is the only series where I can start shooting a guy first an still get killed....ghost was bad an this game is just as bad...kinda hate I bought the digital copy because I would have traded it in by now...the control an tightness of titanfall just feels bad the game is kinda I don't care what they say..the jet packs in COD AW was a response to the reception to just feels tacked on..

sauceash1263d ago

This cod is got to go down as one of the worst I thought ghost was bad this one is worst wat ever happened to skill level for me I was always one of the high level player and wen I play this cod aw if feels like some time I cant even play I go good one game then I go real horrible the next ur shooting at some one and it look like ur shooting str8 through him or ur shooting rubber and he is shooting led then how in god good world can u jump and shoot some one all head shoots heard a rumour that people are using aim bots just want to let u all know if u are u suck

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