Metal Gear Solid V - 10 Characters Who Could Make A Surprise Appearance

The Phantom Pain is set during a previously unexplored period of time within the Metal Gear universe, yet some major events take place in the 1980s – yet fans haven’t actually seen them unfold for themselves. Fleshing out these seemingly small details and events would help build the plot and expand the story of Metal Gear nicely while also making The Phantom Pain a vital part of the series.

So who can fans expect to turn up? Big Boss is already confirmed to form an unlikely partnership with an ageing Ocelot, but that isn’t necessarily the only surprise up Kojima’s sleeve.

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LaFleur1345d ago

Absolutely hate these multiple page articles.

*Sigh.* Here's the list for anyone interested:

10. The Sorrow
9. Eva
8. Major Raikov
7. Naomi Hunter
6. Gray Fox
5. Roy Campbell
4. Psycho Mantis
3. The Boss
2. Liquid Snake
1. Solid Snake