10 Hugely Influential People In Gaming You Need To Know About

It’s not easy to set aside only ten people who deserve to be on this list, but no one can deny that everyone featured here has earned their place.

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-Foxtrot1234d ago

"Anita Sarkeesian – Creator, Feminist Frequency" no

HaveSumNuts1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

She got $150000 from Kickstarter backers for her Feminist Frequency series. She did 5 videos within 2 years that's $30000 per video. Not to mention she murders females purposely in her gameplay she displays, just so she can talk about how woman are meant to be killed in the game. She got all that money to talk crap and make 5 videos from $150000 of peoples money, and what does she get? Getting on Colbert Report, receiving ambassador awards along with the sympathy and support of gullible people. She's a modern day thief and people praise her like she's some feminist heroine.

viperman2401234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Your also not taking into account all the money people have donated directly to her.

All the times she has posted her donate page on twitter after she has gotten "harassed" or hell, even going to her website http://www.feministfrequenc... and the first thing that pops out at you is her giant DONATE NOW button.

OB1Biker1234d ago

lol today my kid was punching and killing off WonderWoman on and on in Injustice.. She should try that

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garos821234d ago Show
Eonjay1234d ago

I will leave this right here then:

Baka-akaB1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

WHat ? this is the first i sadly hear of this . So now she managed to latch herself upon Mirror Edge (or rather was hired as per her fame and agenda but whatever ) ?

If true , i sadly expect a shitstorm of boycotting for a game that doesnt need her , and wich actually need more people to buy it ..

GundalfDeGrej1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Apparently she thinks that the game should be easier because it was too hard for women :|

Poe's law in effect. I seriously don't know if this is satire or not.

NarooN1234d ago

That's just what I needed. That trashbag of a person to spread their garbage ideals all over a game I was actually looking forward to. *sigh*

Me-Time1234d ago

Definitely won't buy that game if they have her play a role in it in any way. Get that bitch outta there, please.

I'm definitely participating in that to Change Mirror's Edge.

rainslacker1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

You know what. I say don't remove her from the game development. I say let everyone see what she can do, and if what she thinks is good or necessary will actually make a good game that will sell. If she is removed, she will just use it to say how gamers are a hate filled, spiteful group of sexist misogynist...she'll probably do so either way if it doesn't sell, and since the first one didn't light the charts on fire, I don't expect this one too either.

This woman has talked a big game so far, lets see if she can pull off something better than industry veterans who actually understand game design and story development. I mean, those guys over at DICE obviously are terrible game developers....sarcasm intended.

It'll suck if it ruins this one game, but the long term benefits of people finally seeing that she has no clue will be well worth it.

Let EA and DICE realize that pandering to a group of extremist will not pay their bills as gamers will boycott and criticize the game to obscurity if her recommendations are crap...probably will anyways. Face it, Mirror's Edge is a Gamers game, not some casual pick up well known IP. Mirror's Edge will be brought by gamers.

What sucks is that she's coming on board a game with an extremely well crafted female character that didn't need any change, but now she'll become some power frenzy feminist so she'll be "strong".

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breakpad1234d ago Show
GenericNameHere1234d ago

Yup. Boo to her. And she spends $30K on each video? What?? What would cause her to spend 30K? Even if she has to go buy all the consoles and a few games, that doesn't even come near $5K, let alone $30K! Does she spend it all on cosmetics and clothing? I've seen her videos, and she tries to make herself looking the best. That's called ripping people off if she really does spend the rest of the money outside "gathering information". There are various informational videos on YouTube from normal people for much much less.

uth111234d ago

It's not that they spend $30K per video, they just don't seem to be spending all that money they raised for the project.

Mega241234d ago

... there are 3 people in that list that don't belong there. Zuckerberg, Sarkeesian, and Zacconi, they don't belong to the gaming industry.

Deadpool6161234d ago

They have every reason to be part of this industry for their unique perspective can be viewed and acknowledged. To make the world of gaming a better place.

Mega241233d ago

One, hell bent into ruining gaming with her con artist agenda, another, known to create a level of freemium games the world had never seen before, and the Last one, which pretty much the same as the last guy, but bought Oculus for some shady business of more freemium games.

I don't see any of them actually doing positive things in the gaming industry. Maybe on Wall Street but not in gaming.

rainslacker1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Doing positive things and being influential are not always the same thing. Influential just means that they have some sort of say on the direction that the industry is going.

Unfortunately, while I don't like Sarkeesian having as much influence as she does, since I just consider her a glorified blogger who's never created anything except hate among the community, the fact remains that she does apparently have some influence...although maybe nowhere near as much as others, like maybe the heads of Nintendo, Sony or MS. The other two are influential as well. So, yeah she isn't in the top 10, but to deny she has influence is misguided.

Zacconi not so much anymore, and Zuckerberg will probably rise up the charts in the future, but otherwise not much in the hard core industry, and probably don't deserve to be in the top 10. Every top executive of the console manufacturers and big publishers are much more influential.


I would agree with the exception of Sarkeesian. I don't feel that her opinion is that valuable as she's not a gamer. She's also never created anything, and her opinions weren't solicited by the industry, nor does most of the industry even see her claims as a problem. As I said above, she's a glorified blogger, and her opinion is worth listening to be discussed, but I'd say that about most people who write blogs or post comments in a reasonable manner.

Think of it this way...should Sarkeesian have more influence than the much larger group of people that disagree with her that actually buy games.

madjedi1233d ago

Did someone hijack deadpools acount or something, because those posts sound vastly more pro sjw than many of his\her previous ones.

Either he\she pulled a long con or someone is posting in his name because that is the kinda bs i expect to hear from darkride66, pure sophistery and the other overly proud of their opinion sjw types.

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3-4-51234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

WHATCULTRE is a Click Bait site all about Gossip.

Whatculture = Gossip Magazine online.

Please understand sites like this are TRYING.....GOING out of their way to mislead you.

Please question their ethics.

Somebody1233d ago

In the Colbert Interview, Sarkeesian assured Colbert that she and her movement is not out to take our violent games away.

A few weeks later GTA V was pulled off the shelves from some of Australia's sellers because it offended some feminists.

-Foxtrot1233d ago

That's just the start

It's basically what GamerGate was trying to prevent, they said she was trying to dictate our video games...look what happened.

When people call out GG they are basically calling out the one movement which are trying to protect Gamers and their rights.

Deadpool6161233d ago

That vile disgusting game deserved to be taken off the shelves. GTA V is nothing but senseless violence against real life women. That's all there is to it. I applaud Australia for their decision.

Somebody1233d ago


So what happens when game devs stopped adding women into open world games to avoid being called out as women violence simulator? Will the feminists praise the move or will they cry out it's unfair for not including women?

What happens if the game devs do include female NPCs in their open world but designed to be un-killable, immortal(like the children in Fallout 3), while male NPCs are free for all? Wouldn't that be unfair for males?

What happens if every NPCs are immortals....well, I'm sure even someone like with the name Deadpool would also find such game would be boring.

Deadpool6161233d ago


None of that matters. All that matters is that women should be able to express themselves without a getting all this hate from you shills.

rainslacker1233d ago

Thanks deadpool. With that comment I now know that your opinion is meaningless. You would censor one game among many because it's controversial. Some games are violent. If you don't like it, don't play it.

Then you say that none of it matters because women are being harassed. What? What does that have to do with it. What does the harassment in the outside world have to do with the violence in GTA?

Somebody made a good point. Censoring/banning one particular game is going down a rocky road that you may not be able to recover from. There are people that tried to ban games in the past, and trust me, they would have loved to achieve what happened in Australia. before long, any sort of violence is just too much, so we're stuck with Candy Crush and Monopoly. But I guess none of that matters if some women are being harassed.

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Big_Game_Hunters1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

- Hugely Influential
-Anita sarkeesian
Pick one...

leemo191234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Antia Sarkeesian is influential, sorry going to have to disagree with that. I can't get behind someone who's a con artist and wants to censor games because they don't share her extreme feminist views. Shes literally Jack Thompson with boobs, plain and simple.

garos821234d ago

In fact she is worse than jack Thompson. He doesn't want to censor but just restrict children getting questionable content

Baka-akaB1234d ago

No she isnt . you vastly underestimate what Jack thompson would decide is questionable content , and how he'd prevent their access .

however misguided and badly informed , or even phony she might be , she still is at core debating about a better portrayal of female characters in games

rainslacker1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

I don't agree with that. Sarkeesian is against violence against women, because apparently it's misogynistic and sexist, which I feel she hasn't really proved yet. She's not really against violent games, nor is she even saying that women in games shouldn't have no violence against them, just that the violence is often hateful or derogatory...again, she hasn't proved that case, or at least proven that its because of misogyny or sexism. She also claims that women are too often objectified.

Jack Thompson really wanted to take all violence out of games. He wanted an outright ban on them, and to him any sort of violence in games was reprehensible because, "think of the children". Because of the children though, he wanted to prevent adults from playing the content as well.

Thompson wanted to censor and ban game content, Sarkeesian just wants to see it have a better representation of women, and less "meaningless" violence against women(The merits of that are for another discussion though). To my knowledge, Sarkeesian has never called for an outright ban on games that don't meet her criteria, at least not directly.

I'm no fan of Sarkeesian, but I would never compare her to the likes of Jack Thompson.

Pandamobile1234d ago

Just because she has creating controversy down to a science, doesn't make her opinions worth anything.

She gives socially progressive gamers a terrible rap.

animegamingnerd1234d ago

what exactly has Anita done for the game industry aside from making some really stupid videos that some developers for good no reason will defend?

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