Xbox boss Spencer: 'I'll make amends for Street Fighter V loss'

Spencer added, after a fan wrote that delivering a new Banjo Kazooie or Conker to the Xbox One would make up for the loss of the next Street Fighter on the console, that he loves the idea of "game franchise bartering. I'll work on making amends for SF."

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mochachino1261d ago

Great, more 3rd party exclusives...This battle needs to stop, it's like a nuclear war, every gamer loses and ultimately has less games to play. It's just a lose lose situation. Companies should spend their gaming budgets on making new games not buying games already in development that would have been released on their console anyways.

mikeslemonade1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )


Why do you want two boxes to have 95% of the same games?

URNightmare1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Not in the way Microsoft has started this. Having a new IP secured for a year or six months, ok, that's passable but still questionable.

Now, TAKING AWAY a franchise from a platform where it's always been released, that's another level of douchbaggery and Sony had to do something. Look at Spencer now: "I will make amends for SFV loss."

Way to go, Microsoft! Your questionable business practices effing things up in yet another area, video games.

To all the Xbox One SF fans feeling bad because of the SFV loss to Sony, thank Microsoft for it.

1260d ago
marlinfan101260d ago


Haha of course its MS fault, everythings their fault according the delusional group of fanboys on this site. MS practically held a gun to sonys head and forced them to spend millions on exclusivity, right?

mochachino1260d ago

@ mikeslemonade

I said spend their gaming budgets on making NEW games, not on games already in development or planned for development that would have released on the console anyways.

Cuzzo631260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Sony didn't keep games off other platforms with the PS1. If you do a bit more research. Developers had a vision. And this was the beginning of the 3D era for consoles. All consoles were cartridge based. When Sony upped and changed the game with CDrom, everything changed. All developers jumped shipped not because of the money, but because a 32 Meg to 128 Meg cartridge was holding them back. Why not. 650mb 128 megs. Do you see the possibilities in this equation at the time?

And to add on this, when ps2 hit the scene... Nintendo still went the cartridge route. Ps1 and 2 had no equal or competition. When Dreamcast and later OGXbox came. The install base was obliterated. Sony didn't have to pay for hardly anything.

Cuzzo631260d ago

Sony didn't keep games off other platforms with the PS1. If you do a bit more research. Developers had a vision. And this was the beginning of the 3D era for consoles. All consoles were cartridge based. When Sony upped and changed the game with CDrom, everything changed. All developers jumped shipped not because of the money, but because a 32 Meg to 128 Meg cartridge was holding them back. Why not. 650mb 128 megs. Do you see the possibilities in this equation at the time?

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morganfell1258d ago

Actually the PS1 came out in 94. You can't talk about doing research and then ignore the facts. You do not get to bend the truth to suit what yuou wish to believe. MS relied exclusively on 3rd party support for DX in games and even then companies were loathe to use it because the performance was horrendous. MS had to buy, bully, and coerce people. DX when it launched was a diaster and could not come close to matching Open GL or Glide. You might have "Lived it" but you have skewed the facts in your brain. Plenty of us were gaming before 94 and we were not kids then either and DX didn't appear on the horizon as a miracle when it launched.

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bouzebbal1261d ago

good luck to get game that's as popular as SFV.
The thing is, right now it's devs that choose which platform to develop for. the only way is to fund third party games to get permanent exclusive deal.
They will get my attention if they have Shenmue III as exclusive.

vishmarx1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

they are gonna have a real hard time securing something as influential as SF.

but the real problem is, with the ever widening gap in the sales anyone who owns an ip as big as this will have to consider leaving almost 66% of the users and potential sales.
fps is probably the only genre where xb1 games can outsell ps4.
so an exclusive cod or something is what they wanna go for.
sony already has sports(fifa, mlb) , rpgs and indies on them. nobody would make em exclusive for xb1

Septic1261d ago

He was talking more about Conker and Banjo in response to the chap on Twitter.

But yeah, this is a good point:

"The thing is, right now it's devs that choose which platform to develop for."

Well I'd say publishers more than devs (as seen with how EA made the decision regarding Titanfall without even consulting Respawn).

Things are changing (for the worst imo).

marlinfan101260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

You guys act like SF is the greatest exclusive they couldve possibly secured lol maybe in the 90s but thats not even the biggest fighting franchise anymore. MK has taken that spot.

Cuzzo631260d ago

Really. I dig MK more than SF but let's be rational here bro. Lmao... MK is huge but globally, SF has sold more and had more versions than any fighter game ever made. Do I prefer other games over SF? I do... but I'm not naive

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Hellsvacancy1261d ago

Great, now I need to worry about what 3rd party games I might/might not be able to play in the future, Fallout 4 for example

OOMagnum1261d ago

I believe he was saying were either getting a Banjo or Conker.

TheRedButterfly1260d ago

... MS already own Conker AND Banjo. Do you seriously not know this?

JohnathanACE1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Phil really doesn't need to apologize. Sony just beat them to co-funding the project. This game wouldn't have existed without either Microsoft or Sony helping to fund it since Capcom is basically broke.

UltraNova1261d ago

I see what you did there.

bouzebbal1261d ago

you are right, hats down for both of them and i hope this trend continues cause we wanna see some Maximos, Onimushas, Dino Crisis and many more.... quit the Lost Planet garbage Crapcom.

donthate1261d ago


Street Fighter is one of Capcom's most prized possession right now, including Resident Evil so they will fund that sh!t cause it is a hot property that they will resell gazillion times before making the next one.

q8kik1260d ago

Ono said himself that they have no money for the the next SF go look for his tweet .....
Now who should i believe? you and Septic or the director of the game ? hmmmm... yea i'll go with the director.

gangsta_red1260d ago


Ono also said that him and Capcom had no plans to bring Street Fighter 4 to next gen systems and guess's coming to PS4.

Now who should we believe?

Ono said he didn't have a budget or R&D for SFV (AT THAT TIME) that doesn't mean Capcom was so broke that a SFV would never be possible.

You for one minute think that Capcom doesn't have enough money to develop their NUMBER ONE fighting franchise played by MILLIONS across the world? After releasing multiple versions of the same game with updates, new characters and new modes, a game released in 2009 that is still being played today and is the main event at EVERY EVO SINCE 2009...

You truly believe they have no money to make another SF??

Stop it! Sony walked into Capcom's office and cut them a check and said hurry and make a SFV for OUR system. Plain as day.

MeliMel1260d ago

Also people need to understand that Sony was open to cross play which is a new feature on Street Fighter. MS doesnt want third party cross play games on Xbox One. Which is also why the Sony Capcom deal made more sense.

Im a fighting genre fan(not the best) and was getting this on PS even if it was multiplatform. I just dont see the big deal over exclusive to PS.
Glad I own both, I know it cliche on this site but its TRUE....

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DigitalRaptor1261d ago

So he wants to make amends, for something he spearheaded in the first place?

And by making amends, that probably means exacerbating the situation. What's next Phil? Fallout 4? Red Dead Redemption 2? Just how many games does this guy want to block from PS4 gamers just to try and keep up with competition?

UltraNova1261d ago

Considering they are Americans, the shock and owe tactic is their favorite >>> why go in with a Glock when you can go in with a thermo-nuclear warhead instead?

If they buy, sorry "co-fund" Fallout 4 or RDR 2 I will hate them for life!

98xpresent1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

And what if Sony does it ? Just wondering

UltraNova1261d ago


You are most def welcome, bro.


Then fuck Sony as well, but only after they secure 3 more games to call it even with MS this gen (so far) ;-) fair?

Lets not forget what happened last gen with all those exclusive deals MS bought.

DigitalRaptor1261d ago

Oops. Did I forget to omit the words "this generation"? Thought that spoke for itself, since Phil only became head of Xbox this generation.

Work on your spelling before calling me a "tool".

marlinfan101260d ago

Hey its fair game now that sony wanted to buy SF, they opened up the wrong door. MS has money to throw around just to prove a point and ive got a feeling they will. Sony fans are gnna be looking pretty hypocritical in a couple months when theyre inevitably crying about the next huge 3rd party exclusive MS secures. Just remember guys, "its just business" thats all that matters now that thats what was said when sony did it

MeliMel1260d ago

To make Amends for a game like Street Fighter wont take much. Plus hopefully whatever they're thinking about is coming from in house. I would like to see Mech Assault or a new Alan Wake.

Now if Phil and MS really want to take it to Sony...then you get something like Madden, Battlefield, COD, Elderscrolls, Fallout, Mortal Kombat and theres others I find would have a bigger impact than that of Street Fighter. But the amount of money required to get it done I think is more than MS would like to spend.

Anywho I'll be enjoying SF5 and whatever Phil decides to give Xbox players.

gangsta_red1260d ago

"...for something he spearheaded in the first place?"

Wow, you Sony apologist are an amazing bunch. I mean it's not like Nintendo, Sega or Sony haven't done this in the past for their systems. It's not like this isn't a business and trying to make a console look that much more attractive. No lets put all the blame on MS when Sony decides to keep doing the same tactics that has been going on before MS even thought of making a console.

And lets be mad at Phile even though Sony also blocked out Xbox players with other IP's they money hatted including SFV.

I mean how many games is Sony going to block from gamers just to keep up with the competition?

"bu bu bu bu but some of those are new IP's so it's ok!!!"

No, it's the same, just because some are new IP's doesn't make it any less attractive to gamers than an established IP.

So much hypocrisy, defending and finger pointing.

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KrisButtar1261d ago

I don't think 3rd party games like SF or TR should ever be exclusive. I here people say "Competition is good for the industry" try explaining how its good, when fans are missing out on TR or SF.

yarbie10001261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Because the industry - corporate america has never been about the fans. Exclusives like this are meant to bring over people who will buy the console to play those games - who otherwise wouldn't buy the console.

Name of the game is $

Sony doesn't give a damn if Xbox fans are upset over SF. Phil doesn't give a damn if people are making up 100 petitions and sending deaththreats over TR - if anything, this simply means they are doing their jobs because people are wanting these games.

I'm not saying it's right - just saying how it is. "for the fans" is a PR line that comes right out of marketing 101.

ps360s1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Asian markets do have some respect for each other even if they are direct competition and they do care about their fanbase more (but ofcourse money will always be the biggest factor)

It's the way asians are brought up

Western is a whole lot different

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