13 Frustrations Only Girlfriends Of Gamers Understand

Here are the biggest frustrations only girlfriends of gamers will really understand.

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Big_Game_Hunters1201d ago

Half of these are a stupid as f*** lol
"not being able to understand how gamer girls do it"
"doesn't want to play couple games"
"can't go a day without gaming"
"Talks about KD(must be COD) and uses the word pwned frequently in actual conversation"
what is he 14?
If not its because youve got yourself a dude bro gamer.

thorstein1200d ago

It's Whatculture...what do you expect? A well written, well researched, well thought out article about the girlfriends of gamers?

These hacks know nothing about gaming except that creating 124312312+ page clicks generates income from their idiotic advertisers, who are apparently even dumber than the hacks that write for whatculture.