Did Sony Lower The Hammer On Microsoft At The Playstation Experience

With the inaugural Playstation Experience completed, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece which recaps the event and poises that Sony is attempting to hammer their sales momentum on Microsoft and maintain momentum to the E3 showcase.

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Garethvk1345d ago

Who was expecting more reveals than we got?

DigitalRaptor1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I was expecting The Last Guardian and Guerrilla's new robo-dino IP.

TLG because this was a special 20th anniversary event and seemed like the perfect opportunity to re-introduce the game for PS4, and Guerrilla's "Horizon" because they purposely didn't reveal it at E3, and this would've been a good time to do so.

But the experience basically affirmed that PS4 has the most diverse and content rich lineup of next year, throughout the year. They will continue bringing the hammer down on MS in terms of worldwide sales going into next year, and the gap will continue to widen, but this event really did great things for them.

Especially for The Order: 1886. That is now getting loads of positive previews regarding its graphics AND its gameplay, and will likely end up being a great game. Makes a nice change from all the negatively preconceived notions we've been hearing about the game for the past year.

Gareth… did you get hands-on with The Order? Will you be posting any impressions, if you did?

thanhgee1344d ago

It would have been awesome if Sony's new IPs were revealed, but from a business perspective it's more than likely their holding off for E3 so they can compete with Microsoft and Nintendo.

guyman1344d ago

I was expecting guerrilla games new ip too, but this event was great and frankly, we were lucky to get it. We can't expect sony to blow out their AAA first party games at an event like this, the strategy will no doubt be to reveal these games at E3 where nintendo and microsoft have a strong presence as well as at gamescom and tgs.

Garethvk1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

For me it was like my time with it at PAX Prime. Smoother and a bit less linear.

Bloodborne looked even better then when we played last summer as did until Dawn.

kratoz12091344d ago

The order, Bloodbourne and street fighter 5 announcement was fantastic.

I guess e3 will reveal even more titles especially ratchet and clank

Ripsta7th1344d ago

Out of those 3, only one was a surprise

voodoogts1344d ago

No because Sony got hacked earlier today. Now Sony corp. is pooping

DigitalRaptor1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Umm… it kinda did.

Microsoft had no presence at the Game Awards, whilst Sony and Nintendo put their relevance on display, and Sony threw a party for itself and its fans the following couple of days.

PSX proved that Sony and PlayStation listens to and has an appreciation for its fans. It proved Sony still has a better, more diverse and more content-rich 2015 lineup than the competition. It proved that they still are saving some of the big guns to announce next year and at E3.

And it gave PS4 the opportunity to steal all the headlines and gain even more momentum in the run up to Christmas and the new year, and it's doing just that. You think MS took the holiday season? That is over. Christmas and new year all the way up to next holiday season belongs to PS4.

Oh.. and Street Fighter V was a megaton.

DeadManMMX1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Your assuming a lot. Sony held all of its game announcements for this show. Microsoft hasn't announced anything in a while the difference is were sitting right In The middle of a holiday season dominated by MS exclusives. If you don't think more announcements are coming your crazy. It's way to early to say anything about 2015 Uncharted does not. A year of domination make anymore then the last Uncharted did. SFV is undoubtedly. A huge steal but if you think there isn't going to be a consequence to it once again your crazy. I don think anyone wins when multiplayer games with huge followings go console exclusive and there is more on the way.

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