The Internet Reacts to Final Fantasy VII on PS4

Over the weekend, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII was coming to the PlayStation 4. It's not a remake, but the PC version. Did the internet have anything to say about that? You betcha

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NewMonday1232d ago

a new SE was going to troll us when I saw that executive come to the stage, he did the very same thing before at a Sony conference where he showed up just to announce an "announcement".

I suppose Sony have to suck up to him to get games like Dragon Quest

LonDonE1232d ago

I actually think its a double bluff! they knew people are dying for a FF7 remake, i have a feeling they intentionally revealed it that way to troll us and then at E3 they will show game play of it and it will in fact be a remastered remake of the game with proper new graphics etc like that infamous trailer we all saw and fell in love with.

Just look at the way capcom also trolled with the ultra street fighter 4 reveal coming to PS4 and then they watched everyone get super annoyed and then revealed the SF5 trailer too.

I am optimistic that square and Sony are doing the same thing, but you never know i suppose.
I just hope for their sake i am right and at E3 next year when they show game play we will all be shocked to see it is in actual fact a remake we have all been waiting for instead of just a port of the pc version of FF7.

If i am wrong then man that has got to be one hell of a middle finger up to the core final fantasy fans on playstation.

iWishTifaWasReal1232d ago

no, Square Enix is undeniable straight up STUPID.

I mean who thought of making sequels not only one but TWO g*damn sequels to an unpopular series (FFXIII)

instead using their resource and money towards making idk better games they decided to release sequels. sigh///

viperman2401232d ago


SE actually admitted in an interview that they didn't even know that FF13 was unpopular till they checked out various websites after the poor sales of the 3rd FF13 game.

So yeah, thats how disconnected they are from the fan base.

rainslacker1232d ago

As awesome as that would be, I really do feel that Square Enix isn't clever enough to pull off that big of a troll. It would be an amazing marketing stunt works for Kojima half the time anyways.

Adrian_v011232d ago

Why do people expect a remake announcement? They said they won't make one until they make a Final Fantasy which surpasses 7 in quality. I haven't seen them do that yet.

pompombrum1232d ago

Lol @ the picture used for this. I think my heart skipped some beats initially, thinking they had actually gone and at least done a full remaster. A long time FF fan expecting something good from Square Enix? INCONCEIVABLE!

Ristul1232d ago

Square, get a clue already! We want a FFVII remake, not a stupid port!

tontontam01232d ago

I hope it has an FFVII remake(release date 2050) trailer at the end .

johny51232d ago

At least give us the game in full HD and lossless music, instead of midi! Seriously square, your that cheap?

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The story is too old to be commented.