What Does Nathan Drake's Brother Mean For Uncharted 4?

Clipping Error asks what Nathan Drake's brother means for the story of Uncharted 4. He goes over a few different possibilites as to how Sam Drake will be used, but ultimately makes the point that even though this is his brother, he has nothing but bad intentions when it comes to Nathan Drake.

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pivotplease1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

It means a plot centered around revenge and trust (or lack thereof). It also means exploring Nate's history some more and developing his character (perhaps pointing out more flaws like U3 did). I wouldn't be surprised if his "brother" turned out to be not his brother all along though. How would he know if he has a brother at all? I guess we'll find out.

edit: Here's hoping it's not as simple as the brother kidnapping Elena, Drake going after her with Sully, and Drake or Sully dying to save Elena... The thief's end could just as easily be his brother's end though.

medman1195d ago

Uncharted has always shrouded Drake's history in mystery...will that change with Uncharted 4? The older brother bit came out of left field to me, but hopefully it means a much more personal look into Nathan Drake, and his family. The animation and gunplay look top notch...I got so excited watching that 15 minute smooth, so good. I'm primarily a single player gamer, but Uncharted is one of the very few games where the multiplayer actually hooks me in, especially Uncharted 2's multiplayer, so I look forward to seeing where they're taking it this time around. I have no doubt it will be stunning. My only concern about the game at the moment is believing it will actually make fall/winter will be a real disappointment if it slips to 2016.

NerdStar71195d ago

We won't know 'till the game is released, derp.