PlayStation Experience: The Return of The Mid-tier

NDTV Gadgets says: "What's becoming clear though, is that gaming will not be the continuation of the cinematic, linear, fully realised photo-realistic experiences we've been drip fed in the last half a decade. It instead seems like a return to the days of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, where there was a medley of mid-tier games sporting intriguing premises available to all at reasonable price points. "

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miyamoto1265d ago

This only means a healthy progressive and productive video games industry where developers of all sizes can coexist in peace and harmony.

Unlike the money hatting-only the biggest/only the wealthiest-survives power play by you know who that killed lots of mid tier developers and almost sent video games to a second collapse last gen PS4 is now setting everything in good working order.
Big budget shooters, JRPGs, indie games, adventure games, strategy games, family games, casual games will all find success this generation.

Sony will spread out the publicity of these small and niche games by having an annual PSX in addition to E3, Gamescom, TGS, etc.

Also to usher in a new era of mid-tier game success Sony will drop the price of the PS3, PS4 , PS Vita very very soon to make them accessible to the casual market.

CocoWolfie1265d ago

" make them accessible to the casual market. " that makes me very excited. to think more gamers will be out there, possibly playing bloodborne >:) they dont know what theyre getting themselves into, mwahaha ^3^

jb2271264d ago

I totally agree…what I've taken out of the PSX & Sony's recent output is a dedication to craft, quality, and artistic statements. A game that can unexpectedly hit you right in the feels is always a memorable experience, and as a primarily single player, story driven gamer, that's exactly what I want out of a game. If a game as small & simple as Monument Valley can instill a sense of wonder then the sky's really the limit on what gaming can be this gen, and Sony is the company that is helping to finally put to rest the argument of Games as Art. That's the main difference in strategies between the two companies to me this gen, Microsoft is the big budget summer blockbuster, Sony is the plucky indie full of heart & humor. Even their AAA big budget titles are looking more & more painterly & unique & that's exactly what I want out of gaming as I grow older. There are only a small handful of games each gen that stick out as memorable experiences, and a whole bunch that are simply fun ways to spend some time…when the two are married, that's perfection in my eyes.

voodoopickle1265d ago

I love this idea, and as much as im a playstation fan I hope MS jumps on this idea as well. If all of the consoles embrace this just think of how much us gamers will win

Volkama1265d ago

Mid-tier provides some of the best experiences around. The biggest obstacle to it is the brick and mortar $60 pricing standard that every publisher has been trying to compete at.

Eonjay1265d ago

I remember back in the six and seventh gen, you could get good cheap games for like $15 and $20 and then there were games in excess of $70... and people would pay. So I am too happy to see the reemergence of mid tier games with mid tier pricing.

Why wants to only buy $60 games. I want to support all developers on all scales. And lets be clear, not all so called AAA games are worth $60 either.

Volkama1265d ago

$60 is a painful price for the consumer, but also for the developer. There is a pressure to include a bit of everything- a blockbuster 8-12 hour campaign, collectables and gimmicks to add shallow repeat play value, and a multiplayer with ~10 maps. And whatever you do, don't take any risks! It costs enough to limit the average consumer from buying many games so if you take risks it may be the end of you!

I say what I always say on this topic. Devs should make the game they want to make, and the price should be set to reflect the content. And on the digital marketplace that's quite easy to achieve. There is a little bit less flexibility on the physical channel, but they can do better than they are right now.

Inception1264d ago

"And lets be clear, not all so called AAA games are worth $60 either"


I can't understand why some people so obsessed to play AAA games but dismissed high quality title with very affordable price like Hotline Miami, Guacamelee, Don't Starve, or Velocity Ultra just because it's indies and doesn't have ultra detailed graphic.

Hell, i take Hotline Miami all day (i bought it for $2) rather than wasted $60 for broken "AAA" games like AC: Unity.

uth111265d ago

It has to be this way. AAA game development times keep getting longer and longer, AAA budgets keep growing, which has the effect of limiting those games to only what will be mega-sellers.

You need smaller & mid releases to fill in the gaps and actually innovate.

Eonjay1265d ago

Another excellent point.

n1ghtw1ng1264d ago

This is perhaps the most mature discussion I've ever witnessed on N4G. You guys are awesome.

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