Destiny characters and progress will carry over to Destiny 2

We’re only three months post-launch for Destiny, and Bungie’s already making the sequel — you can bring your Guardians along for the ride.

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Ristul1317d ago

Fix the first game before talk of a sequal!

DarthZoolu1317d ago

Sour! Do they thing i will fall for hype twice? No thanks you can keep the DLC abd the next game.

ChronoJoe1317d ago

I wouldn't say it's broken. It's just not a brilliant experience. I think while to some extent small hotfixes and such are necessary to make what's there, the best it can be... larger overhauls make sense to reserve to sequels.

Blaze9291317d ago

Why would anyone who played Destiny, buy Destiny 2?

TimeSkipLuffy1317d ago

because more loot, increased level cap and because it is hyped to the sky and everyone who is not playing it will be left out... Sometimes not a bad thing! :D

AND!!!... Either they are used to play the same thing over and over again and don't care...
OR... they still hope their is hope for Destiny! :D

GamerGT1317d ago

Because they might like to play video games..... Weird!

ChronoJoe1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I actually enjoy it. It's a good laugh.

My girlfriend and I have two PS4s in our living room, so it's been great fun playing all the content in co-op together. No other current gen game offers such a comprehensive, co-operative experience to my knowledge.

People like to hate Destiny because it didn't meet expectations, but the thing is if you judge it for what's there... it's not bad at all. If the game were produced by an unheard of, independent developer then I'm certain it would have gotten a better critical reception, the 'Bungie' title framed the game as the 'next best thing' and it just isn't. However it can be a lot of fun.

thorstein1317d ago

I'm buying it. Hell, I might even buy 2 and give the other away just so I can count that sale as yours.


Better question:

Why would someone who hates Destiny comment about Destiny 2?

hay1317d ago

@TimeSkipLuffy: "because more loot" Dayum, I'm sold!

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Th4Freak1317d ago

I thought they said this game was going to be a 10 years game but it seems that they were talking about the IP and not the game itself huh?

JeffGUNZ1317d ago

The contract with activision is a 10 year deal. The contract includes 3 full installments of the game (destiny, destiny 2, and destiny 3). It also includes DLC inbetween but no one is sure how many DLC's will released between games. Right now, they confirmed 2; the dark below and the House of Wolves. I am assuming 2-3 per year with the game being every 2 years or so.

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starrman19851317d ago

I'd quite like Destiny 2 to actually be a full game at launch - rather than a pay to play game!

joab7771317d ago

What are you talking about? Have you played a pay-to-play game. Destiny isn't one.

Like any game, you can have your issue with it etc. But, I will guess that it has been played more than 90% of games released this yr. And I will bet the average time played by those that do is 100s of hrs.

So, while it wasn't for everyone, and while Bungie can certainly improve in many areas, it is NOT pay to play.

starrman19851317d ago

I've played a lot of Destiny, it's mechanics are second to none! It's addictive, very addictive but also majorly lacking content.

After about a week (maybe 2) you'll have seen all it has to offer and then it's just day by day repeating. You then hit a wall, do I pay £20 (£35 for the pass) to continue, or ignore that and keep doing the repetitive weekly/daily strikes and missions... It isn't a pay-to-play in the conventional sense but it's the same nature.

DLC should be optional content, an after thought. The whole game shouldn't pivot on it. The Destiny DLC was clearly not an afterthought, a good deal of it was already in place (granted - possibly not complete) but I think we need to stop supporting this behavior, it might then encourage developers to release full games like they used to.

I do really appreciate Bungie trying to evolve and fix their game but that doesn't make me any more forgiving of the dlc structure.

JeffGUNZ1317d ago

@ starman.

1-2 weeks? To do all the stikes, campaign obtain legendary and exotics, run the raid normal and hard to get the complete set and all the weapons. How about pvp? I do realize it's lacking in story, but
i have hundreds of hours in and it is still bringing me back in. The DLC is timed perfectly and I can't wait.

pivotplease1317d ago

I put a solid two weeks into Destiny, but I have to admit there is a lack of content. Perhaps having a few extra planets, more interesting and varied content on those planets, plus a few more Strikes/Raids and PvP modes would have gave it more longevity for me. I still enjoy it alot more than Borderlands though. Gunplay and graphics are better, story isn't any worse really, no annoying clap traps, and it feels more realistic when every single enemy that's a higher level isn't a massive bullet sponge. However... I think Borderlands does a better job with the sense of progression and actually differentiates the classes whereas Destiny's classes almost all feel like they have cloned abilities in a sense. I could never level up all three. Too painful.

loganbdh1317d ago

Realistic? In a Sci fi game?

gerbwmu1317d ago

Why are we already talking about a sequel? I know, it sold well, it's a business, it will make them money, but I'm getting sick of the annual releases and constant turn around on games. They don't need to hype next game a week after you get the current one.

joab7771317d ago

Same reason that we already know about AC Victory lol! It's a business and sites need hits.

Mikelarry1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

is is just me or I don't want them to even talk about the sequel publicly until a year after the first one has lunched (even if they are thinking about it).

if they are working on two it that means some of the resources they could be using to make destiny 1 better is working on destiny 2.

its only been 3 months guys

VileAndVicious1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

No. Its not you, personally I think it's bad business *especially* considering the controvery surrounding the first. I mean the game hasn't even been out 4 months yet.

It's when developers do things like this that people call foul on DLC and removed content.

kurruptor1317d ago

Everyone knows this game supposedly has a 10 year cycle. Why wouldn't we want to know about the future games? How does it harm you to know that your characters will continue on?

It doesn't mean the game is coming out anytime soon.

Mikelarry1317d ago

Because the first game just launched 3 months ago and has some teething issues that they are not acknowledging but they are able to talk about destiny two???

kurruptor1317d ago

Every game has issues. Nearly everyone is enjoying this game as is. It is a vocal minority who continue to complain about the game. They can fix bugs, but there are hardly any of those. They can change some features, which they have done and will continue to do. That doesn't mean they can't work on Destiny 2 at the same time.

What exactly are you still expecting them to change with the original game?

Not sure why it is also so hard for you all to understand how development works. You don't think they are already working on Destiny 2? Sorry, but that is how it works. Major companies have dozens or even hundreds of people working on games. Some are working on existing games, some on new games.

COD:AW was in development before COD:Ghosts was released.
AC:Unity was in development before AC:Black Flag was released.

Destiny had a 10 year plan, you don't think they were already thinking about 2 and 3 years ago?

VileAndVicious1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )


No one at all is surprised there will be a sequel. The problem is Bungie/Activision f**cked up. At its core destiny is solid, but lacks any form of longevity in its current state.

Endgame is lacking, PvP is still unbalanced, the loot system is poor. In its current form destiny just isn't the same game promised from bungie (check out the dev diaries). Add to this that players have discovered locked out content/areas already on disc that you will presumably have to pay for.

Kurruptor, people are a little aggitated that the game still has issues (some of which could easily be fixed) and they are already discussing the sequel... As if to write those issues off.

I don't think anyone didn't expect Destiny 2. It's just too soon to discuss it. It's just bad PR

PS: I don't believe it's a vocal minority anymore. That might have been true a month or two ago. But most people log in on Tuesday to do the raid/dailys. Then log back in on Friday to check out Xur.

kurruptor1317d ago

There are millions of people still playing this game daily.

Just because the game doesn't play like a few loud mouths on the internet think it should play, doesn't mean that 95% of the people don't like it.

Mikelarry1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I don't think you are getting the point everyone is trying to make here.

we know destiny two is coming hard not to as they have been talking about destiny two months before release.

the point I am trying to make here is that Bungie is so tight lipped about all the glaring flaws of destiny 1 and talking about how they listen to community but do exactly the opposite but will gladly talk about destiny 2 when it should be about improving what is currently out (destiny1) and fixing what is currently broken with its first destiny instead of "advertising" destiny two

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lemoncake1317d ago

A new Game every two years with dlc every three months seems to be what they are aiming at with how easily they are talking about destiny 2 and its features.

starrman19851317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Bungie wanted to support destiny for 10 years, it's clear now that it'll just be 10 installments - 1 per year!

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