Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for? - Digital Foundry

"Gameplay reveals don't get much more exciting than this. This weekend's demonstration of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End gives us our first extended look at Naughty Dog's next-gen engine in playable conditions - and that's a big deal. After it was first teased at E3, the game was met with wild speculation and debate that would last for months over whether or not that level of visual fidelity could be achieved in real-time on current-gen console ahrdware. This brand new 15-minute gameplay demo helps to answer that question, while also giving us an idea of the kind of gameplay experience we might expect. Does the new footage stack up to the teaser trailer? Is this really a true next-generation Uncharted - or simply a prettier 1080p evolution of the existing formula?"

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URNightmare1320d ago

Most definitely yes! The best thing is,this is their first game on the console and it will only get better from now. The next TLOU will be insane!!

pivotplease1320d ago

Yeah the gap between U1 and U2 is ridiculous. So, I think even though this is amazing, we will probably see the biggest graphics jump going from this to TLoU2. Assuming that is their next game (seems like a good assumption to make though). It's funny because U1 still looks better than some current gen games and U2 still looks better than most of them. Just my opinion though.

Ezz20131320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

The demo looked incredible for just Pre-alpha graphics
can't wait to see what the final version looks like

but what catch my eyes was the the gameplay which have TLOU elements to it and Dat grapple hook

LordMaim1320d ago

Though I think the answer is yes, you can't ignore the rule:

Articles with questions for a title are clickbait.

Mr Pumblechook1320d ago

Let me give you the abbreviated version of the article:

Eurogamer/Digital Foundry "Is Uncharted 4 the generational leap we were hoping for?" "Is this game coming out on our favourite console the Xbox One? No. Well then this looks quite nice but not a game-changer so ultimately we think the graphics of Uncharted 4 are disappointing.

caughtinyourwords1320d ago

there's a problem with the idea of pre alpha graphics anyway. Trailers are always made to impress and most of the time optimization means sacrificing some graphical details in order to achieve some resolution or fps.

Dee_911320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

"this shot also highlights some of the issues with the game's rock structures with some hard edges"

"the issues with the game's rock structures with some hard edges"

"rock structures with some hard edges"


"rock structures"

"hard edges"


You people have finally went off the deep end. This is fascinating, sad, and baffling all at the same time.Took graphic whoring to a new LOD

Don't get me wrong, I don't care if some of you really care about this stuff, but jesus you guys are over exaggerating the hell out of this.

Highlife1320d ago

@dee couldn't have said it any better! Don't think I have ever given a bubble before never cared to but you earned it.

starchild1320d ago

I'm excited about the level design and gameplay they showed. The graphics were also stunning, although not the "blow everything else away" sort of good that some people were claiming.

That doesn't really matter ultimately. People always overhype things, but the game still looks gorgeous and super fun to play.

UltraNova1320d ago


Yes the gameplay trailer didnt have the impact everyone expected to have but this "blow everything else away- sort of good that some people were claiming." is plain wrong.

Why? I'll let you answer this, care to inform us of anything out there that isn't blown away from said PRE-ALPHA gameplay?

Overhyping things to outer space leads to this kind of unappreciative comments/opinions.

Its right about time we gamers stop boarding the hype train.

Kal0psia1320d ago

The gameplay was very amazing, and they did a great job of setting it up the way it did. Sony has done this a couple of times with gameplay trailers and underdilivered somewhat, but I'm sure gameplay won't be far from what was shown. TLOU has influenced the gameplay. However the graphics looks like a typical transition from last-gen to now to be honest, but the scale is more refined and details are apparent compared to previous titles in the series.

Muzikguy1320d ago

That was awesome +1

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fermcr1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I expected to look like the teaser trailer, but it doesn't. Uncharted 4 still looks very good though.

Play2Win1320d ago

Short: NO! Long: Hell NO! Quantum Break smokes it not even mentioning Gears or Halo.

G20WLY1320d ago

Wut?! I get it, you prefer Xbox, but c'mon lol.

URNightmare1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )


Short: No.
Long: hell no.
Conclusion: Deluded.

poor_cus_of_games1320d ago

@play2win oh so u troll have seen the finished product? Really? Even before naughty dog? U are truly deluded.

Magicite1320d ago

what were u smoking again?

the1whoknocks901320d ago

But halo is 720p lol and not nearly as much detail. Quantum break does look good... but not better

die_fiend1320d ago

Haha, Halo has better graphics than this. That's quality, thanks Play2Win.

If you actually look though, you'll see that Halo looks like usual Xbone dump.

Gears may end up looking great as the first 3 games were pretty. But compared to Uncharted? You trippin' over buying the wrong console fool!

DarXyde1320d ago

Except Quantum Break (a) lacks Uncharted 4's color diversity, (b) doesn't need to render nearly as much on screen at once because its third person camera sticks to the protagonist as it would in Resident Evil 6, and (c) doesn't render the insane amount of detail and area space Uncharted 4 does.

Gears, as I'm sure you're aware, is a very monotone game (like Metal Gear Solid 4, actually) and Halo doesn't even really need to render an entire protagonist model which is very polygon-intensive.

Quantum Break doesn't even use the same art style as Uncharted 4 by the way (which is still a pre-alpha build), but I guess we can make a call on all of this once these games are out, don' you think?

Syntax-Error1320d ago

Ryse looks better, but lacks in the gameplay department. One of the best looking games this gen. Better than anything I have seen on PS4. The gameplay was simple hack and slash but visually stunning. It didnt have to be 1080p and it still looked better than anything I have on PS4. That's why I dont give a rats ass about 1080p and 60fps, because it doesnt matter to me. I have seen great games with less definition


Gears.... what Gears, which Gears?

Are you thinking of Gears of war?

You honestly think gears 1, 2, 3 or Judgement look better then a next Gen title?

I mean I can't think of any other Gears you could be talking about, unless you are talking about the NEXT GEN GEARS THAT NOBODY HAS SEEN YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )


Pretty much anything with mention of a TLOU sequel earns you automatic disagrees here on N4G.


Почти всё, с упоминанием сиквела Тлоу зарабатывает вам автоматические согласна здесь, на N4G.

FullmetalRoyale1320d ago

Easy there comrade. People have the right to disagree with what they disagree with.

Arguments can be made for both sides, really.

joab7771320d ago

Are we really asking this question? First, it was gorgeous. Best foliage I have ever seen.

But, next gen isn't all about looks. And the reason I have always loved Uncharted is that they push dynamic gameplay, making the world react to your actions, allowing u to play out that which only existed in cut scenes prior.

DARK WITNESS1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I have to say I disagree there...

In fact I feel the opposite. I found the worlds in uncharted really static.

The only things that seemed to interact only seemed to when in a scripted section.

I didn't play uncharted 3, so maybe this was changed but in one or two the environments were very static, Beautiful, but static.

talk about being able to play a cut scene is a perfect example. it's still a cut scene it's just broken up into sections that require you to press X or 0 to move through the scene. If I fail to press X at the right moment, it just fails and reloads the scene again.

I don't know about anyone else, but that does not really feel dynamic to me.


You guys are so gullible... Let me first say the game looks amazing and does in fact have good graphics. Don't expect the kind of graphics you saw in the reveal because it's just not possible on PS4, and before any of you say "It's Pre-Alpha stage!", They already had better detail BEFORE the pre-Alpha demo and obviously a fully rendered drake and environment in the reveal so why would the NEWER gameplay look worse? Exactly! Ok let me say again that I do think the game looks really good but you guys should NOT expect what you saw in the reveal trailer until NEXT gen :)

purpleblau1320d ago

i'm not a fanboy, but this is so fake. that thing is pre-rendered in-game scene. of course it's a steady 60.
The recent demo had at most 30 fps.

callahan091320d ago

What is this downgrade everyone is complaining about? The game looked just as good as the teaser to me. The gameplay doesn't look quite as good as the cutscenes, but that's to be expected and has been the case in every Uncharted game, and indeed in EVERY game with real-time cutscenes. Without having to process input, AI, or anything else but a predetermined scenario, real-time cutscenes are easily capable of looking better than gameplay even though they're both real time and using the same engine. This has been common place for years. I just don't see the downgrade that others are claiming... the portion at the beginning that was a cutscene prior to the camera panning over so you gain control, that looked *AMAZING* to me. So much detail in Drake's face! His facial animation! It was just as good as the teaser in my opinion. There is a difference in time of day, scene, setting, moisture, etc. but that's because this scene doesn't take place in the same scenario as the teaser scene. It's not apples to apples to compare them on those bases, but what we see here looks truly great.

gapecanpie1320d ago

Simply put No... But then again im a PC gamer I am use to seeing so much better.

nucky641320d ago

oh, so you've played the uncharted games on pc?

miyamoto1320d ago

Told you guys, Eurolamer and Digital Floundry are two M$ cronies that needs to shut up.
But any way let them make fools of themselves and waste their resources in vain. LOL!

Syntax-Error1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

It looked great, but I was not impressed considering what they did with the game last gen. I imagined more life-like animations and scenery. Even the gun sound effects didn't sound like real gunfire. If they are going to take a more stealthy approach like TLOU and have enemies react differently all the time, they need more and better take down executions. This game is a year away, but they better remember that all eyes are on them with this one considering it's the last Uncharted.

LonDonE1319d ago

Dude it will not be the last uncharted games that i can pretty much promise! the uncharted series is a money maker for playstation at Sony, maybe it could be the last drake game even that i highly doubt! a thief's end could mean so many different things.

UKmilitia1319d ago

wow look at your disagrees.

if u look back at U1 and then U2 the difference is huge,then U3 it was another jump but not a leap.
Now looking at U4 its a massive massive jump and if im totally honest it doesnt need to look any better this gen,if all games only reached what i watched at the U4 demo i would be more than happy this gen.

but the thing about ND games is the characters and story that stand out so much for me.


BallsEye1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

It was unbelievable they run framerate test on a reveal trailer that was a pre-rendered cut scene and doesn't look anything like the gameplay footage. Wonder why they didn't do same for xbox one cgi trailers. Right, I know why, cause MS don't lie CGI is gameplay.

ziggurcat1319d ago

first, at no point did ND or sony say the trailer was gameplay.

second, the trailer was not a pre-rendered cutscene. it was an in-engine, in-game cutscene captured in real time, directly from a PS4.

third, nice try.

DoubleM701319d ago

We will see. You do know they didn't develope a next generation engine for Uncharted 4.

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Niv1320d ago

Next gen should arrive in 5 years. We wil start getting restless soon.

1nsomniac1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I'm pretty sure Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo have all in some way or another said this cycle wont last 10 years. I think 5 years is a fair assumption & what the majority would agree with.

With the financial climate all said they designed the console to be as cheap as possible while trying to make an improvement over their last consoles. I think it's a shame that they cut corners to the extent that they did. No customer would of complained at paying an extra £50 & getting a decent CPU.

UKmilitia1319d ago

i fully expect this gen to be short,but built on the same structure of this gen,enabling simple Backwards compatable consoles.

so ps5 will play ps4 games easily and same with xbox,just like the WII U and WII games.

if they keep the arcitechure same then it will be prob zero cost to them and also will mean no remakes.

joab7771320d ago

Yeah, b/c it's ALWAYS about graphics, never about pushing gameplay.

Hey, the market demanded a cheap console this x around. And it's a great thing. We will cap out the graphics and many can focus on pushing gameplay for a change, instead of simply making something pretty.

What is so astonishing is how ND does this while being the best looking game.

PR_FROM_OHIO1320d ago

Would this look this good on the PS3???? Thought so

madmonkey011320d ago

"but the visuals seen in this gameplay segment aren't quite the jaw-dropping spectacle we had hoped for based on the immense promise of the E3 teaser."

pre-alpha game play vs in engine cut scene.

either way even at this stage of development the game looks amazing, nothing else on consoles close to it currently out there.

pivotplease1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Yeah the cut scene is likely polished and complete whereas the gameplay obviously has another year to go, so we'll see some pretty huge improvements. Not sure why people are beefing about this. Probably won't see a game this good looking on consoles for the next few years...unless the Order or Santa Monica pull out all the stops.

starchild1320d ago

It looks good, but not that good. It will probably be the best looking console game at the time of its release, but not by much. Even some other games that have already come out are not far behind, let alone whatever graphically advanced games we get next year.

nucky641320d ago

what are you babbling about? this game doesn't come out till the end of next year. do you really think ND are setting around the office thinking they're done?

rainslacker1320d ago

Yeah, based on historical evidence of past ND games, that will probably be the case. /s

CaspuR1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

idk i guess? ill let you know when ive played it.