Elite: Dangerous Teases Cinematic Launch Trailer

VRFocus - It's now just over a week until Frontier Developments' highly-anticipated space simulation experience, Elite: Dangerous, launches on PC with full virtual reality (VR) support. The developer has been working hard over the past few weeks to bring consistent updates to the title's Gamma testing build, ensuring that it will see a smooth and polished launch on 16th December 2014. A launch trailer for the title is expected to arrive this week and Frontier Developments has recently offered a small tease of what to expect from it.

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SniperControl1321d ago

Can not wait for this, been playing the beta and gamma for a while now using my DK2, really looking forward to playing the finished product. Roll on the 16th!

mixelon1321d ago

Me too. :D Didn't know there were other DK2 owners here.

Have you tried Alien Isolation with the DK2 yet? Best. Thing. Ever.

bumnut1321d ago

I can't get AI working with my DK2, any tips?

Getting back to Elite, does it run in extended or direct mode? Is DK2 support good, do the menus, ect look ok?

SniperControl1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


Yep, AI scared the crap out of me using dk2, first time i saw the xenomorph, i basically bricked it big time.


You have to edit a config file for Alien Isolation to get it working, there are loads of walkthroughs on google.

For Elite, it's a bit more complicated.
First thing to do is set the secondary screen(in Elite's settings) as the Dk2(make [email protected] is selected)
Go to your Rift configuration and set to extended mode, also pause the service.
Thats it, boot Elite up, all menu's are in VR mode as well.

Perjoss1321d ago

DK2 owner also. Not tried it with Elite yet as I'm still getting used to my new flight stick and have to look down sometimes :) but the game plays great with the Track IR.

Phoenix761321d ago

Hey guys, I am an orginal kick starter backer of elite:D project back in dec 2012. £20. Do u guys know if I will still be getting my free code upon release? Heard that some changes were made to backers pledge

SniperControl1321d ago

Not sure tbh, all i know is that on the 16th, i just boot up the game and it will automatically update to the consumer version.
I think you might have to pay extra as the game is going to retail at £50.

mixelon1321d ago

http://www.elitedangerousvo... - Voice Attack / Elite Dangerous Pack.. (watch the videos) - They both cost a little. :( You leave it running in the background before running Elite and can basically have a conversation with the computer, which for some functions is handy as it's difficult to see the keyboard with the headset on.

"Reroute power to shields" "Full impulse" "tell me about Lave" "lower landing gear" "what are narcotics" etc. It works much better with headphones though or it accidentally hear itself and gets caught in a loop trying to reply to it's own voice. :D

SniperControl1321d ago

Wow, thanks Mixelon, i would purposly leave a gap at the bottom of my rift so i could see my keyboard on my lap if i looked down with my eyes, hated doing that because it broke the immersion.
Just to clarify, is it one or another or do i need both?

mixelon1321d ago

I'll reply here so you get a notification. To get AI working you need to enable Rift support in a preferences file and temporarily disable the Oculus listening agent thingy. - follow the first comments amendment (you don't actually have to add any new lines to the config file, you just put "Rift" instead of "Off"

Elite Dangerous works fine - I use it in Extended mode. But it helps to play it a little first on a normal monitor as the text is a bit small so learning where things are first will likely save your vision a bit. You can always move your head closer to the monitors in the cockpit in VR to make them clearer, but that's a distraction from flying.

It's also probably worth installing VoiceAttack and the 3rd party elite pack, so you can control many of the on board systems with voice commands.

SniperControl1321d ago

Whats this voice attack and elite 3rd party pack? Has me intrigued.

bumnut1320d ago

Thanks, I will give it a try

DougLord1321d ago

This looks interesting, but does it have a plot and main story line or is it total sandbox? Any multiplayer?

mixelon1321d ago

It has multiplayer, you often get people interfering and scanning your cargo/attacking, and can team up with others to fly about.. It also has a MP combat only dogfighting mode. Usually I've been left alone because I'm not worth the hassle and generally have crap all to steal.

The universe is instanced. But the universe is also massive so you can go far from the starting systems and be comparatively safe. :)

Its a sandbox but the missions you pick up ask you to do weird things and paint a story. I have no idea what extra story-like stuff is likely to be in the full version.

JamesBondage1321d ago

I really wanted/want to buy this, but i just dont have the money