Halo: The Master Chief Collections latest patch focuses on matchmaking, party balances and more

The Gamer Headlines wrote: The next time you log onto Halo: The Master Chief Collection, expect to be prompted to download 343 Industries latest patch which this week is mainly focused on matchmaking and party balance. The newest patch also helps fix some problems with the achievements, stability and some updates specific to particular titles

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Foehammer1317d ago


no doubt it was a ginormous task combining games from 2 generations onto a 3rd generation.

Glad to see it was rectified in short order.

Awesome value

NeoGamer2321316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I like that 343 is fixing this quickly, but I paid full price for the game and hope they come up with something good to compensate me for the first few weeks of frustration.

I have also have lived through the DriveClub frustrations. But, I have to say 343 has much more responsive and fixed their issues much quicker and better. I am hoping Sony compensates early DriveClub adopters as well.

towelie12881317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )


played like 4 matches straight yesterday with no issues also with a party of 3

Glad its working now!