Street Fighter V a PS4 Exclusive; Should Microsoft Be Worried?

So what does this mean for the console war? Will this further boost PS4 sales? There is no doubt that ‘Street Fighter V’ is destined to be a hit considering the phenomenal success of ‘Street Fighter IV’ and its various spin-offs.

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saadd201234d ago

Now I am glad I returned my Xbox One!

Ezz20131234d ago

Sony were smart for buying the exclusive for ever
not just timed

But this still feel soo wrong to me
same as Tomb Raider.

NewMonday1234d ago

This is like The Bayonetta 2 deal, Sony funded it and it's fully exclusive on consoles , TR was already in development for all platforms and only timed for 6 months.

Also SF5 is THE biggest fighting franchise and will sell millions of consoles, so it's a smart move by Sony.

christocolus1234d ago


Worried? I don't think so,definitly a good deal for sony and imo this also gives MS the chance to open their cheque books for even more deals. In an interview after the TR backlash Phil said they would continue making third party deals but as time goes by they would eventually wind down on such deals and increase focus on 1st and 2nd party efforts but this new turn of events might easily change things. They will surely keep investing into 1st and 2nd party exclusives but they may never stop making 3rd party exclusives(timed and full) either and MS will now care less about the backlash from a section of gamers. Its now a free for all affair. Aaron Greenberg recently stated on twitter that their teams are constantly on the look out to secure great exclusives for the console.. Let's just hope the upcoming TR doesn't become a full exclusive to Xbox and PC cos after the SFV deal was announced Shinobi on neogaf said he had heard some pretty amazing things regarding MS plans for next year and beyond and even went as far as saying“ xbox fans definitly had nothing to worry about”. The industry is huge and games are becoming pretty ambitious and expensive to make and there are alot of developers out there looking to find funding for their projects&MS will be more than willing to step in..its just a matter of time, the question now should be “Which big IP will be announced as the next Console exclusive?” most likely we will start hearing more before E3.


We know SE wasn't happy with the sales of TR reboot and the team at CD had ambitious plans for a sequel but no one knew how much SE was willing to invest in a sequel and going by the words of Darrel Gallagher (CD head) it seems MS is definitly helping with funding for the game,

“ Our friends at Microsoft have always seen huge potential in Tomb Raider and have believed in our vision since our first unveil with them on their stage at E3 2011. We know they will get behind this game more than any support we have had from them in the past - we believe this will be a
step to really forging the Tomb Raider brand as one of the biggest in gaming, with the help, belief and backing of a major partner like Microsoft.”

Darell Gallagher(Crystal Dynamics Head)

and im curious, when was it stated 6months. All we've heard is timed exclusive,no one even knows what other platforms it will eventually land on...or you got a link?

Ezz20131234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

"""I don't think so,definitly a good deal for sony and imo this also gives MS the chance to open their cheque books for even more deals"""

Dear god, i hope this never happen again
you make me hate this gen already
make your own exclusives ...don't just buy them

Dacapn1234d ago

The only people this benefits are fans of street fighter and that's all I care about. Sony and capcom unified the base and literally doubled the amount of players you can fight against by making its online cross platform. The game is better for this. With tomb raider, it's just timed. The game isn't being enhanced in any way by being exclusive.

darthv721234d ago

This is more like should sony be worried.

At least when MS makes these deals its generally for a limited time. Thus not denying those on other platforms the pleasure to play the game in question.

What sony did was help out capcom but it shows that the favor in return was much more limiting. So now...IF this is the new trend, then we should see similar deals with other games.

Sega has been asked to make shenmu 3 for years and what if MS opens that check book and buys that game. Or the next virtua fighter or somehow manages to secure tekken....

This is nothing like bayonetta or tomb raider. Bayonetta 2 wanted to be made and Sony and MS passed on the idea but Nintendo picked it up. Tomb raider is still coming out. Capcom might not have had the $ now to make a new SF game but they would have over time.

It wasnt like gamers have been clamouring for a new SF to begin with.

christocolus1234d ago


Lmao. You shouldn't hate this generation because of these practices, its just business. Sony doesn't have a figher of their own so they got SF. On the other hand MS needed an adventure/story driven game and they got TR. This practice will only continue as cost of games keep rising and developers start looking outwards to source funds for their projects. In a way,without Nintendo, Sony and Ms help, these games would never see the light of day and if the developers don't get funding they'd wind down over time. Also MS, Nintendo and Sony don't have the capacity to fund and develop every game out there so they'll always pick out the best games to suit their audience and to help sell consoles. Like Phil said

“Business deals happen. We won’t do all of them.
When we have a first party franchise in a genre
I’d rather invest in ours,” Spencer said on”

Exactly, no matter how financially capable they are they definitly
can't do all the deals out there, it also makes little business sense for sony to invest in TR when they have UC or for MS to keep investing in KI(a 1st party ip) and also a rival ip like SF(which is of same genre with KI), a cross over with MK would be
great though(funny thing is Ken Lobb&Ed boon actually joked about
the idea on twitter some months ago and i think they should
definitly look into that) but im even more curious to know what
exclusive third party ips will be snagged up next cos afterall its now
an open and level playing field and everyone is invited. Nintendo,
sony, Ms even Steam. Its going to be a very entertaining generation

gamer78041234d ago

It's sorta similar honestly. Timed exclusive for TR, but u know the updated versions of SF will come out for xb1

Why o why1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Wow. . Man managed to spin this into a negative for Sony. . . . .

Like ez said. . .its a kick in the teeth for a large number of street fighter fans as was tomb raider. Great snag for Sony. . Huge franchise

Sitdown1234d ago

Worried? How about getting a release date first. Could somewhat be a non factor based on the release date. Doesn't really matter though, I got a PS4 and will get it on release day.

ipach1234d ago

microsoft helped make KI; sony helped make SF. hard to argue against the horse that Sony bet on. we can only dream of a day when MS/Sony/Nintendo co-publish a Disney/Marvel vs. Street Fighter Killer Smash Ultra Hyper Fanboy edition where Akuma shows up and fights off the new triple bladed light saber dude who is getting laughed at by the duck hunt dog.

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fermcr1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

If Microsoft were smart, they would make a deal for full exclusivity of Tomb Raider. Timed exclusives don't sell that many consoles.

Sony were smart with Street Fighter V console exclusivity. It's a big franchise.

thanhgee1234d ago

I doubt they were able to get full exclusivity in the contract. It is the developer's decision whether or not they want it on other platforms.

Magicite1234d ago

should have never bought in first place.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231234d ago

No PC tag? It's not officially an exclusive.

Also news of cross platform multiplayer sounds good.

sinspirit1234d ago

I love Sony but I was personally hoping for Nintendo to grab this title, if anyone, so we could have a Street Fighter in Smash Bros.

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snookiegamer1234d ago

Wait! hold Up!

Ultra SF IV & SF V Sony PS4 Exclusive....and with PC Crossplay!

Wouldn't you be worried?

Tedakin1234d ago

Ultra SF4 is on PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Tedakin1234d ago

I think only die hard fighting game fans would buy a system just for Street Fighter. But I also think die hards would buy a Wii U just for Smash and an Xbox just or KI.

marlinfan101234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Its a great game but with MK and DOA coming out next year theres gonna be plenty of awesome fighting games on xbox

76erz241234d ago

MKX is going to be so epic.

Sitdown1234d ago

Oh Gosh...... would Microsoft push for exclusive on Mortal Kombat?

Pyro2000x1234d ago

MK & DOA are both going to be on the PS4 too so what's your point?

marlinfan101234d ago

Uhh that theres still good fighting games on xbox, just like I said in my other comment. Mks arguably the biggest fighting game these days so I just don't see to many people switching to playstation for SF unless you're a hardcore SF fan.

prettyboijay201233d ago

True but does games you name will run better PS4 HAHA FACTS LOL

asmith23061234d ago

Not at all. Fighting games have lost their appeal. They have been replaced by first person shooters. If BF for example went exclusive, that would be a worry for either side.

tinynuggins1234d ago

I agree, street fighter lost its mass appeal years ago. Great news if your still a street fighter fan and own a ps4 though. I think deep down is a much better get than this.

mediate-this1234d ago

The fgc would like to have words with you, fgc is arguably amongst the hardest of the hardcore sub communities in the gaming community, holding tournaments still for street fighter two turbo and the likes.

Which sf4 being the most popular among capcom.versus and smash

tinynuggins1229d ago

Yes, i said it has lost its mass appeal which is true. There will always be a small group of hardcore street fighter fans and that's great.

rainslacker1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Fighting games still get a lot of sales, and generally have an active community. I wouldn't say that they lost their appeal, because almost everyone has at least one fighting game in their library for whatever reason.

SF itself is a widely known game. SF and MK are probably the biggest names in the fighting genre actually known to people who aren't fighting game enthusiast. It is instantly recognizable, and will be brought by people by name alone. It may not be that big of a system seller anymore though like it was back in the SFII days.

Nowadays, it is possible for multiple genres to coexist.

This was a huge get for Sony. I'm not even that big of a SF fan, but this is a pretty big deal. It doesn't spell the end of MS, nor do they need to be worried about it, but to downplay the significance of the series, or it being exclusive to Sony is just misguided.

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