Feeling lucky? Get 6 mystery Steam games for £4.99 in the Square Enix Christmas Surprise Bundle

Dealspwn reports: "We reckon that Square are trying to shift a whole mess of their cheapest games, so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the regular editions of Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider in here. Probably Hitman and Quantum Conundrum too. But if you're feeling adventurous, who knows, perhaps you'll get Final Fantasy VII... or if you've been bad this year, Final Fantasy VIII."

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GokuSolosAll1347d ago

That's pretty cool but I bet it's all Eidos trash.

Volkama1347d ago

99% sure I already own all the games, but I bought it anyway. Because mystery.

GokuSolosAll1347d ago

And wtf, shots fired. FF VIII is better than VII. Troll.

Marcello1347d ago

I love both but FF7 just edges it for me cos of the amusement park & chocobo breeding :)