Shovel Knight Feautring Kratos as a Boss

Twinfinite writes: Shovel Knight is expanding in a big way, directly toward Sony. Shovel Knight will be receiving ports to all current gen Sony platforms: PS3, Vita, and PS4 equally, with the new boss Kratos.

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heychrisfox1351d ago

Yes! I'm so glad Shovel Knight won at the Game Awards over the weekend.

miyamoto1351d ago

Shovel Knight is a definite must play for me!
Cross Buy on the Vita, baby!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1351d ago

Just makes me want to play old school Casetlevania. I loved Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. I hope Konami makes something like that again on PS4.

I still have a little room for a classic side scroller but it pretty much has to be Castlevania or I'm not interested. And I'm not a handheld gamer either.

Enigma_20991350d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

Koji Igarashi is no longer with Konami. The Castlevania series is officially dead to me.

Protagonist1350d ago

"Shovel Knight is a definite must play for me!
Cross Buy on the Vita, baby!"


Shh! don´t mention or praise anything PS Vita related. The force with the hypocrits is strong you see.

wonderfulmonkeyman1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I hope the fact that it's style is so reminiscent of classic NES games doesn't make its sales suffer on Sony's platform.
I'll be extremely upset with the fan base if they don't give it the recognition it deserves...

Ezz20131351d ago

i will do my part and by it on my ps3

lodossrage1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Why would it "suffer" because of having old school platform gameplay? It's not like it's the first to do it and be successful on PSN.

The only way it wouldn't be successful is because of the fact that it was already out on another system for so long and the "shiny new" coating has worn off.

wonderfulmonkeyman1351d ago

Well, after all the accolades and praise that it's gotten from the Nintendo community, there have been more than a few instances where I've seen people on other platforms downplaying/insulting it with various derogatory terms.

I've got reason to worry, because with cold receptions like that, it doesn't bode well for it now that it's coming out to them too.
I want to be proven wrong, but many if not most of my interactions with the Sony fandome[which I am reluctant to consider myself a part of despite owning a PS3 and loving many games upon it] have been of an unfortunately negative nature.
I don't have much faith in these people who have spent so much time heckling the game and calling it a failure simply for being on a Nintendo system...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1350d ago

well Mutant Mudds, Nano Assault Neo X and SteamWorld Dig maybe an example.

They had to make Mutant Mudds and SteamWorld Dig free for to it sell.

lodossrage1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )


So, you get people like that no matter what system you have. That's not people disliking the game because of old school gameplay, that's people disliking the game out of envy.


Those didn't do poorly out of being old school. They did poorly simply because of being old. As in already released. And for the record, not all games given on PS plus are given because of doing poorly.

@both of you-

If games were admonished simply off of oldschool gameplay, games like spelunky and Retro City Rampage wouldn't have done so well on PSN

One thing you have to understand about gamers is "gamer perception". If a game is out on another system 5 months or more before it hits another system, they consider it old and aren't remotely as likely to give it a purchase.

Concertoine1351d ago

Honestly most the people who played the NES and SNES are on playstation these days.

Sincere01211351d ago

Get out. If you believe that then you'll believe anything.
Most people who played snes and Nes are on wii u because of the quality Nintendo continues to bring, not just for nostalgia, as some fanboys like to put it.

Concertoine1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )


60 million NES sold
8 million Wii U's sold

Where did they all go?

Metallox1351d ago

Around 20 million of those NES owners were Japanese, which, you know, hardly today buy consoles. PS3 has sold nine million consoles if I'm correct, many people of the fanbase arised during th original PlayStation era.

The rest are from the west. Some kids grew up and abandoned video games after the fifth generation and decided to buy to their kids an Xbox or a PlayStation because those are the mainstream options nowadays, but still.

Another bunch of people were playing video games before the NES, so their eventual departurare from Nintendo platforms was inevitable.

And as stated before, many of the PlayStation fans appeared after the release of the original console, after all it sold 100 million units.

So I think that no more than 10 million of the 80 million PS3s sold are old NES owners.

Concertoine1351d ago (Edited 1350d ago )


I see what you're getting at, but it's all theoretical and arbitrary. There were still 34 million NES' sold in america, and there is 3.3 million Wii U's today, unlikely to hit more than 15 million in america lifetime.

Nintendo's fanbase from console to console has shrunk exponentially, excluding the wii which we can all agree was a fluke considering the Wii U has sunk even below the gamecube.

heychrisfox1350d ago

@Concertoine With regards to your sales figures, let's remember to factor in the traditional Wii, since Wii U has been a flop in the market. Those totals are at 101 million units.

Correlation doesn't equal causation. Just because people bought one platform once, doesn't guarantee that they migrated elsewhere, even if for many this is a reality.

Big_Game_Hunters1350d ago

I would argue some of them are just gone, i have a few older relatives that had an NES but don't game anymore. A lot are probably on PC. I don't think it matters though, whether PS owners today had an NES or not, thats not really a requirment to like pixel art style games.

eightiesbaby1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Last time I checked Ps4 haven't sold 68 million consoles, so explain how snes gamers have migrated to Sony consoles again because your numbers don't add up.

Your comment isn't even relevant to the title of the article.
Must be that time of the month for you. Lol

Concertoine1350d ago

True. I should have elaborated that i figure the majority of (remaining) NES gamers (that game exclusively to one platform) are on platforms other than the Wii U.

First off, Shovel Knight is a homage to the NES era. Those that grew up on games like Shovel Knight are indeed relevant to an article about Shovel Knight. Second, your account isn't even 2 weeks old and you're already risking your bubbles by being stupid. See Big_Game_Hunter's comment for an eloquent input to conversation, and the reasonable response to something you disagree with.

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MasterCornholio1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I could say the same thing about Bayonetta 2.

Don't worry Indies are quite popular with Playstation fans so I'm sure it will sell well. Same goes for Super Time Force.

wonderfulmonkeyman1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Time since release and differences in install base taken into consideration, Bay 2 is actually selling well.
Not as well as we all wish, but better than a lot of hecklers want us to believe.
But I digress...

As mentioned in a previous statement, personal experience with the fanbase has bred a lot of doubt in me as to how this game will be received.
So my worries aren't completely dispelled, but I'll still have my prayers out there.

Yacht Club deserves the accolades they've gotten thus far, and they deserve continued support for this title, for sure.

@ Move
If you're looking for tempting suggestions on the console, I can easily supply a good number.
Just ask, and I'll float ya a PM.^_^

MoveTheGlow1351d ago

Man, I'm not heckling Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U nearly as much as I'm lamenting the fact that it's the only reason I'd want that system at the moment...

miyamoto1351d ago

Don't you worry
Nevermind the bullocks out there

PlayStation is home to the hardest of the hardcore and most niche of the niche gamer. Many indie games has found great success on PlayStation that is the reason why the developers thought its a great idea to put it on the PlayStation in a business standpoint.

I don't have Nintendo systems but I fell in love with this game at The Games Award so SK is a definite must buy for me.

Look at the success of Dragon's Crown and Guacamelee
Niche games like these sell on PlayStation

Just you stay tuned to how PlayStation will put this game up on the pedestal it rightfully deserves

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1350d ago

maybe because Dragon's Crown and Guacamelee appeared first on PS platforms.

Gameseeker_Frampt1350d ago

My god, you are such a Nintendrone. You just couldn't help insulting gamers who play on something other than Nintendo platforms, could you? Do you think Cellar Game Doors were foolish for releasing Rogue Legacy on Sony platforms since apparently Sony gamers don't like classic NES styled games? Was Hotline Miami a commercial failure for releasing on Sony platforms? Why is it that Retro City Rampage, a game designed on a NES development kit, sold the worst on Nintendo platforms? Seems to me that previous classic NES styled games sold quite well on Sony platforms.

The only thing that will hurt sales of Shovel Knight is if Yacht Club games tries to sell it for $15 or more. Since you always have a lot to say about porting games late to a system but charging full price, I look forward to you calling them out on this wondermonkeyman. Curious to know what sort of discount you would think is fair for Sony gamers to pay for this port.

1350d ago
Gameseeker_Frampt1350d ago


If you want to rush to wonderfulmonkeyman's defense, it might help to actually know what that person has been saying. Otherwise, you just come across as someone blindly coming to the aid of someone who shares your preference in video games. Here is a little refresher -

As you can see, nothing makes up for a port being late to the Wii U. Sure, Arkham City GOTY edition and Darksiders 2 couldn't release earlier on the Wii U since the Wii U wasn't available - that is irrelevant in creating the myth that 3rd parties hated the Wii U since day 1 and released late ports. Darksiders 2 for Wii U even included all the currently available DLC as a bonus to make up for the 2 month release difference of PS3/360 - yet that wasn't good enough for wonderfulmonkeyman -

"Getting features ADDED" doesn't count either in wonderfulmonkeyman's view either. Mass Effect 3, Arkham City, Darksiders 2, and Deus Ex all had features added for the Wii U versions. Go ahead and read the blog to see what wonderfulmonkeyman thinks of those (spoiler - the blog is titled "The ongoing list of third party ports and their flaws").

Thank you for defending wonderfulmonkeyman. It was probably pretty easy since you have no idea of what was said previously.

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PFFT1351d ago

SWEET! We finally get to kill Kratos!

Darkfist1351d ago

nah, he'll just hit him until hes health is gone and just praise you for being a good warrior or something then give you a weapon (or a shovel he found on the road)

i just hope kratos is playable after that, thats the only thing that gona make me buy the game.

dboyman1351d ago

Will this game be Cross Play/Cross Buy title then?

heychrisfox1350d ago

The game has been on PC for ages. In regards to the Playstation consoles, I'm sure it'll be debuting at roughly the same time. It's not like it's too much of a struggle porting things over, since they already have a finished game.

dboyman1350d ago

But what I am asking is if I buy the PS4 version will I get he Vita and PS3 version as well (Cross Buy)? And will saves transfer a most the 3 Playstation platforms(Cross Save)?

MNGamer-N1350d ago

Just picked this up for WiiU after the win, couldn't wait any longer. I'm not a huge fan of 8 bit art styles, but the gameplay is really a winner in this game. Didn't think I'd love it, but I do, it's really addicting!

jcnba281350d ago

I agree, it's excellent. Hope there's a sequel in the future.

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