Pure - Gameplay Blowout

Get ready to introduce yourself to the sky.

Mexico & Italy gameplay videos.

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Arsenal4Ever3821d ago

The game is looking good. It's very arcady as he says but it's still looking sweet. I hope Pacific Rift can beat this game in terms of visuals and gameplay.

psyckmark3821d ago

Looks like SSX with wheels and engines.NICE!!!!

1stKnighT3821d ago

Reminds me of SSX. Come to think of it.....where is a next gen SSX?

Bolts3821d ago

This game blows. The bikes jump 100 feet into the air while the rider spend a lifetime in zero gravity doing tricks, then when the bike land on a slope it doesn't even bounce once. LAME.

MK_Red3821d ago

Looks really good, pretty crowded and detailed enviroments. Definitly tracking it.

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