Driveclub Weather Patch Is Live (2.42 GB), Notes Inside

The highly anticipated Driveclub weather patch is finally live on PlayStation 4 - are you ready to show your skills under rain and snow?

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Imp0ssibl31316d ago

Finally. Looks like this game might have some hope after all! Hope for replay mode soon

marlinfan101316d ago

I sent my friend this in a txt and he messaged me back "why the f*** are you sending me videos of lightning" not even realizing its a game lol

Eonjay1316d ago

Wow this looks crazy good. Driveclub is one hell of a looker.

RevXM1316d ago

Fuck yeah!
Just need to release the PS+ version so I can see for myself!

Hope they have begun on a another entry in the Motorstorm series. DC tech + Motorstorm =

Forn1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Driveclub visually just blows everything else away it seems like at this point. This weather update provides hands-down the best weather effects I've ever seen in a game. Insanely realistic. Love all the reflections in the puddles as you drive. And the way the water reacts on the your windshield to your driving movements and the wiper blades... Incredible.

PeaSFor1316d ago


imagine....a ridiculous race in a storm with a lot of mud, big rigs and chaos.....

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amnalehu1316d ago

The weather effects are absolutely jaw dropping! I know people are frustrated with the online aspect of the game (myself included), but everything seems to be working just fine now. Challenges are going out and races are easy to get into. The weather actually changes the way you have to drive. The effects are so significant that Driveclub probably needs to be re-reviewed.

OOMagnum1316d ago

Do you really believe it needs to be re-reviewed for weather? Or are you just excited?

G20WLY1316d ago

I think his point is it affects the core gameplay experience rather than just being something pretty to see.

This addition is significant, there can be no doubt of that. It's very nearly the game it should have been at launch - and it's already awesome since they fixed the online issues.

It's so sad that people have/will skip this. Sure they screwed up big time, but anyone who has even the slightest interest in cars/racing should at least play this through SharePlay.

Watch your disappointment to revert to excitement!

MegaRay1316d ago

Games shouldn't get re-reviews unless you want more broken games.
(Even tho DC didnt deserve those low scores)

Alexious1316d ago

Well, I'm not sure I agree with this. Some games can be improved in a major way by patches, especially MMO games, and their quality can change significantly.

uth111316d ago

What about the site that lowered it's DC review score after it was revealed the online was broken, shouldn't that be restored?

Imo, reviews are for potential buyers don't care that the game was broken at launch. They care about how it plays now. So I don't see how reviews that docked many points for broken features should stand for all time

UltraNova1316d ago

Agreed. But surely an exception from now and then would reflect more accurately a games true quality, DC is a prime example.

Mostafeto1316d ago

I actually consider that the game's actual launch starts today after this great fix and update The game is now humanly-playable and a great game and I agree with you it should get re-reviewed after this update

NitrousX1316d ago

Downloading as i type from what ive seen it looks like a show stopper

Mostafeto1316d ago

It is now I guarantee you will look in amazement at your screen from how beautiful and realistic everything looks ;)

Volkama1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Are there any of these DLC events that actually have weather included in this patch? Is it going to feature in the online events straight away?

I'll find out for myself this eve, but if anyone knows you can save me from my own impatience :)

Ron_Danger1316d ago

From what I played this morning before work, it seems that the weather update is added to any race (original and DLC) as long as "dynamic" is the setting for weather (or a specific weather type is selected).

Volkama1316d ago

The article says that it won't be included in any of the existing tour events, but can be included in DLC. I guess I could set up some custom races just to look at it.

Hopefully it shows up in some of the online events straight away.

BigBosss1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

never had the chance to play the game, should I wait?

btw, website is working again for me.

Volkama1316d ago

Wait for what?

+The handling is good, the graphics are good.
-The event structure is no-frills, The AI is bad.

If you're waiting for the free version... well it might be a while. Maybe try and shareplay it to see if you want to buy it.

SniperControl1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Jump in, it's that good. IMO, the best racing game so far this gen. The weather update is amazing, it looks photo realistic.


Have to disagree on the A.I, they have recently tweaked the it and the difference makes a massive difference. This game keeps getting better and better.

amiga-man1316d ago

As Sniper says Jump in, I agree the best racing game this gen.

beastModeOn1316d ago

I am blown away by the graphics.
The weather looks so damn realistic. Nothing touches this beauty.

Volkama1316d ago

@Sniper I haven't played it for a couple of weeks, but I will eat my words and my hat if the AI no longer race as a perfect pack following the racing line, and driving it slowly if the player needs to catch up.

If they still do that then I will keep my hat, and play online :)

Ron_Danger1316d ago


I'm confused by what you are saying...

If the AI is improved you'll jump in and play online?? There isn't AI in online races so that shouldn't be a factor of you playing online.

Volkama1316d ago

@Ron, I'm saying if the AI are still bad I'll just play online, for precisely the reason you said. Bad AI doesn't get to ruin an online race.

Online is where Driveclub is best imo. That and the hotlaps/time trials if you like that kind of thing.

Alexious1316d ago

I always loved the handling, since playing it at Gamescom. It's too bad that there were so many problems at launch, really...The core game isn't nearly as bad as most people now think, it's actually very good

Ron_Danger1316d ago


Agreed. I've totally caught myself spending 3 hours just playing one 15 second drift trial. I'm playing more single events than tour events lately.

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