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The wait is over. After four days of continuous racing around the USA thanks to Ubisoft’s much-awaited MMO racing game, The Gaming Report's review of the game is here.

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1nsomniac1350d ago

Reviews of this game seem to be all over the place. From what I've seen of gameplay footage it looks & plays awful. Definitely a game I wont be buying before trying but it this point I'm not even really interested anymore in even trying it which is a shame.

madmonkey011350d ago

much like the drive club reviews, very sporadic, IMO Drive club is much better game, but it seems the popular consensus is that the crew is better.

1350d ago
NiteX1350d ago

That would be like comparing PGR to Test Drive Unlimited. Open world driving games can easily break the sense of progression and get boring very fast. All I can say though is, DC is far nicer to look at vs The Crew.

uth111350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

It depends what you want in a driving game. I love Driveclub, but I'm having a blast with the Crew currently.

The Crew is open world, but also WAYY more arcady than DC. That turns off some people.

@NiteX- both look good. DC goes for more photorealism, Crew is a little more stylized. One of the problems is Crew starts you off in Detroit which, let's just say isn't the prettiest place on the map..

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081349d ago

Wow! a 9/10. I guess the always online and microtransactions(which is not bad) not gonna slow reviews down from getting nice scores. Now i have 2 good racers to switch to, well actually it'll be 3 when project CARS come out.