Ubisoft racer The Crew enters UK chart in sixth

"Ubisoft's The Crew has entered the UK all-formats chart in sixth place.

The always-online racer was last week's biggest launch. Meanwhile, the chart top spot was retaken by FIFA 15.

The Crew sold 59 per cent of its physical copies on PlayStation 4, 33 per cent on Xbox One, eight per cent on Xbox 360 and a single per cent on PC. It's worth noting that Chart-Track does not include download sales in its data.

PlayStation 3 remaster Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix was the only other new entry into the chart - it arrived in 31st.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was second, Grand Theft Auto 5 was third, Far Cry 4 was fourth while Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham rose from 19th into fifth."

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radler1234d ago

Wow, that's a lot of people buying a bad game. Condolences to the owners.

frezhblunts1234d ago

SOmething about the UK they buy a lot of games I would never play or think is weird. Their top games for a while was fifa that says enough for me. If I play a sport you can bet it will be outside

Angeljuice1234d ago

Sports games have more replay value than any other genre. If you play sports outside during the cold/damp British winters, you're a braver man than me.

frezhblunts1234d ago

lol I love in Florida :D besides I don't need to play sports year round. Replay value is important but I just can't see sports games being on top yet they are in the UK

urwifeminder1234d ago

Sony gamers looking for a racer perhaps.

beastModeOn1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

You don't have to worry about sony gamers. Stick to your own business.
You have started to troll a lot of sony articles since you have been reduced to one bubble.
I thought you had no concern with sony and its fanbase. Must be getting desperate down there.

Foehammer1234d ago

100% with urwifeminder

X1 has 2 great driving games, Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2.

Unless you consider Mario kart, there's no other racer with high scores like those.

@ beastModeOn, you might want to check your comment history before accusing someone else of trolling on an article where they claim to have no interest. Hypocrisy much?

benji1011234d ago

The UK has the worst game taste.

RosweeSon1234d ago

Yep being from the U.K the charts make me cry on a weekly basis, ok maybe not cry but seriously no smash bros in the top 10 again, I know they've had issues with various bundles and amiibo's but seriously FIFA call of duty, take a photo change some numbers and it'll be the same list again next year, it's always either FIFA call of duty or some other trash that makes Chrimbo number one here, used to be need for speed underground every year but hey ho, luckily most proper gamers know the great games are not necessarily in the top parts of the chart. But yeah horrendous top 10.

frezhblunts1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Yeah when I saw Super smash bros go down I knew the UK had taste I didnt like, Super smash bros is the best fighting game of the year ( it won the award for that). Dude not even far cry 4 is in the top ten either.

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