Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Xbox 360 Review - Mouse n Joypad

Will writes -"Chivalry: Medieval Warfare looks about as good as I expected an indie PC port to Xbox 360. The developers focused on maintaining a high resolution, and they didn’t adjust the Field of View of their game to fit televisions. Halo effects pop up around everything when you move. The lines within the training module are unintentionally funny. They are neither particularly well written or performed with strong understanding of circumstance. You can’t say the voice actors lack gusto. The training mode itself was one of the least well executed modes in the game. It doesn’t really seem to care in most instances if you have done what it asks to progress, and the AI opponents in this mode do a fantastic job of avoiding your blows. Much of my time was with trainers was spent chasing them around the arena. That coupled with the wonky joypad controls had me leaving the training mode frustrated. These issues had me worried about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Fortunately my experience w...

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