Top 4 Games That Qualify For Best Graphics Of 2014 For PS4, PC & Wii U

When a certain game is announced these days, everyone is interested in the resolution and fps figures at which the game will run. Games now, are not only a matter of controls, gameplay or plot, rather, the main reason people buy a game is the Graphics or visuals.

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Angeljuice1175d ago

"We are in an era where High Definition,1080p and smooth graphics are the basic requirements of a video game irrespective of the console it is being played on."

Oh dear, a lot of people aren't going to like statements like this one.

osprey191175d ago

IM with u man, but truth will always be gameplay>graphics.

Volkama1175d ago

That screenshot of Bayonetta 2 looks horrible. The close-up of the ground does it no favours. I'm not saying the game is horrible by any stretch, but it doesn't belong on a list about raw graphical oomph.

Ezz20131175d ago

the art style look nice though

Anyway, top 4 in my opinion :
1.ACU (Pc)
2.Infamous SS
3.Dragon Age (PC)

Volkama1175d ago

Sure, but you could argue for the art style of something like Child of Light or Sunset Overdrive as well. The other games on the list all stand as platform-agnostic technical showcases and Bayonetta 2 looks out of place.

Stripping the PC out of the equation, would ACU and Dragon Age still be in your list based on the PS4 versions?

Ezz20131175d ago

Great point
yes if you took away the art style from those games
i would never put them in my list

Agreed on Child of light look pretty good

airshiraz1175d ago

top 5
assas uni
farcry 4
battlefied 4

DougLord1175d ago

"the main reason people buy a game is the Graphics or visuals."

Saddest comment I've seen in awhile. Glad they left the Xone out of this.

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