Did the PlayStation Experience kill E3?

MWEB GameZone asks the question as to whether the success of the PlayStation Experience means that publishers will now view an event like E3 as unnecessary?

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HanCilliers1315d ago

They won't since E3 isn't a Sony exclusive. But I do agree with the author that we'll see a similar event from Microsoft.

Sillicur1315d ago

Yeh absolutely no way it kills E3, i mean "Kill e3", really!?!

tekksin1315d ago

Well what is E3? E3 is where we get our gaming news.

If +Sony is shoveling out equally groundbreaking content 6 months later, +the existence of Nintendo is the same (null), and +the usual "anything on xbox is on playstation" message we get from Microsoft's E3's all remain the same, this does indeed show a bit of a threat to E3 and the need to provide major news more than once a year. I'm personally far more quelled in my anticipation for E3 than I otherwise was without seeing this show. From first party to third, this felt like an E3 without the spin and usual production number-bragging.

They said the ps4 was the fastest selling console, ever, and that was it, as far as 'numbers'.

E3 is a place where we get news. Microsoft goes dark for an entire year in order to have any information to share at E3. Sony's got enough announcements for E3, TGS, PSX, and GDC. Microsoft better get it together.

If you disagree, then tell me: when was the last time Microsoft announced a new game for its platform? E3, right? (there will be more disagrees than responses to that question; trust.)

This is not a biased comment (despite the fact I have no respect for Microsoft, and I'm unabashed about that). This is an (almost) unfair reality, and, if I were Microsoft, I would spend less money on advertisements, price cuts, sinister journalism, and celebrity endorsements, and instead spend more money on making games worth showcasing that are exclusive to their platform.

Perhaps then they'll have relevant announcements more than one day a year, and anything regarding Xbox One on n4g will consist of more than telling the world how they managed to sell more consoles than Sony for a day in a particular territory, or that they have another price cut, or something equally groundbreaking like Phil giving another empty promise about an exciting 2015.

miyamoto1315d ago

If PSX is a one time act because of PlayStation's 20th Anniversary then no.
If it is because PlayStation has tons of games on the production pipeline then its gonna be coexisting with E3 in a good way.

E3 has become too small for PS4 now.

An annual PSX will keep many gamers on its toes and up to date, give lots of opportunity for small developers to wow more gamers with their stuff.

Sony knows that they have to spread out all the announcements throughout the year as they won't fit in the current game shows like E3, Gamescom, PAX, Game Awards, TGS, etc.

Its a good sign that the PlayStation brand has huge amount of game development going on compared to Nintendo and Microsoft.

And this is a good sign for the PS Vita/TV too.

Moving forward, and in relation to Sony's push to widen the PS4's install base, Sony will have to produce a wide variety of game quality and that means more quantity. Tons of new games for the platform means an early price cut is on the way in order to distribute these games to more gamers old and new.

Like I said before the PlaySaviour 4 has taken a life of its own after conception. It is only limited by Sony's ability to produce it and put it in the hands of millions of gamers around the world.

Gambatte Sony! Make more games and more PS4s!

freshslicepizza1315d ago

sony showed way more content at e3 so no, this didn't kill it. its nice to have more shows but e3 is still the biggie.

Sparkticle1315d ago

I would imagine that next year, all three would have similar "experience" programs.

Nintendo sort of started this train with their Treehouse event, and I think that Sony and Microsoft might have seen it as very convenient.

I hope we will see Nintendo make their very own Treehouse program outside of E3, and Microsoft follow up with their very own event.

One thing I have to note is that this PlayStation Experience wasn't as exciting as it should have been...maybe it's just my personal disinterest with the games shown off, but it seems like there weren't nearly as many surprises as they were so hyping it out to have.

Bigpappy1315d ago

Again this event did have any really big reveals and M$ will not be doing anything like this any time soon.

E3 is way bigger due to it being more media focused, and have all the multi-plats along with the other platforms.

You would have to be really narrow minded to think a Sony event with a few updates and some indie announcements would kill E3.

HoldenZA1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I think it will definitely cause the PlayStation portion of E3 to be less surprising and therefor not as entertaining.

Sillicur1315d ago

Maybe the PS4 just has sooo many exclusives still coming that it doesnt matter, E3 still a long ways off

MasterCornholio1315d ago

Your right about. PSEx was filled with new game announcements from 32 bit indies to FTP games. I was amazed at the amount new stuff that they announced there.

But I did notice one thing. And that's all the big titles like Guerilla Games new IP or Media Molecules new game didn't even make an appearance there. Heck even a new God of War leaked outside of the event. Which leads me to believe that Sony is saving those announcements for other events in 2015. Events like Gamescom, E3 and Tokyo game show come to mind.

MasterCornholio1315d ago

There are so many games releasing for the PS4 that they can't fit them into one conference. Which is why I believe that Sony will use E3 to announce bigger titles.

shodai1315d ago

In theory, they did not show much of their home made AAA, I mean new titles. They showed a lot of gameplay, a lot of indies and made a remarkable conference, but no Horizon was shown, no new game from Bend. Santa Monica showed fat princess but thats it. I mean, there are lots of studios and a lot of project that sony is still keeping in the dark, and I can already bet that we can expect more than 7 new AAA home made exclusives by sony shown in the next E3 to be set in end of 2015 to 2016.

TOTSUKO1315d ago

Sony still has all these studios working on unannounced PS4 titles.

-Guerilla games
-Guerilla Cambridge
-Sony Bend
-Sony Japan
-Sucker Punch
-Sony Santa Monica (Cory Barlog's team)
-Naughty Dog (The Last Of Us Team)

If you thought Sony showed all their cards already think again.
Sony has so many 1st Party studios its ridiculous.

TOTSUKO1315d ago

Thanks Dark. I forgot about them.

Although not officially a Sony 1st party studio, they are still considered part of the Sony family in my eyes.

TOTSUKO1315d ago


They are already working on Tearaway.

thanhgee1315d ago


They're working on tearaway and another new ip

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SonZeRo1315d ago

Unlikely, not many companies have the $$ to drop on having their own expo.

Sillicur1315d ago

Microsoft will have to respond with an event like this of their own, otherwise its gg

tekksin1315d ago

with 2 exclusives per year (consistently) Microsoft will never run a show like this.

Their two exclusives this years were SSOD and FH2 (<--which we all know has installments as refreshing as madden). Am I missing one? Honestly, I think that's it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1315d ago

PlayStation Experience won't overshadow E3 simply because other companies like Nintendo and Microsoft attend it each year to introduce new products to gamers and other electronics companies from all over the world use E3 to introduce new technologies as well.

lord zaid1315d ago

Not short term, but its possible in the long run. If you Sony can ensure they get better PR spin from their own event AND not compete against their rivals, Im sure they would rather do that.

Jdoki1315d ago

I agree.

Nintendo scaled back their E3 showing, and got some great press from their Tree House and other digital events.

When you consider how much it must cost Sony, MS etc to attend E3 and all they really get is 2hours to present their biggest news - I suspect they see much better value by having their own shows where they can control everything and nothing gets lost in the noise from competitors.

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