Digimon All-Star Rumble Review – Do Not Enter Digimon Fans, Just Don’t - COG

"Remember those kids that were crazy for Digimon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, etc. back when it occupied the TV and also school classrooms for the longest time? Yea, I was one of those kids. Apologizes go out to my mother who had to hear me rant about the shows and also purchase almost all the merchandise each show would produce. Nonetheless, Digimon lingered amongst the popular shows that most still know today (I’m looking at you Pokemon). While Digimon has more or less drifted off into the shadows over the years, there have been quite a bit of video games based off the series. Unfortunately, the video games yearned for are not localized in North America and the last one over ten years ago. With that said, I can only imagine Digimon fans were hoping for a strong comeback for the series or at least a worthy spiritual successor."

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