New Metal Gear Online HD Screenshots Look Breathtaking

"Konami have published some new HD screen shots of Metal Gear Online--which will come bundled free with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While we still don't have an accurate release date we can at least know that the game is looking better and better with each update."

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higgins781321d ago

Screenshots usually do, its their sole purpose. How a game plays, runs and feels tends to be far, far more important in the long haul. Certainly I'm old and wise enough (sadly) not to be sold a game on some screenshots and carefully orchestrated 'gameplay'.

King_many_layers1321d ago

The fact that it was ' carefully orchestrated' was a good thing. I want a trailer for an online game to show me the potential of what working as a team can lead up to rather than a reel of running, dieing and respawning.

It looked great and showcased the potential that the MGO playground has to offer.

higgins781321d ago

Don't be disappointed that when you get your hands on the 'finished' version of said game it pales into insignificance to what we have been privy to initially. My advice - based on experience, staged events/showings rarely translate into the retail copy.

venom_awakens1321d ago

Mgs runs and feels real smooth
1080p 60fps my friend!

kingmushroom1321d ago

I cant't wait to play this. No creating double account this time, trying to join a match was painfully long some times on the last MGO.

Inzo1321d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to disappoint me. I really hope Im wrong.

DoomeDx1321d ago

Cant wait to play it and have Konami shut down the servers after a few years!

PoSTedUP1321d ago

lol. that was the first thing i thought as i watched the GP trailer. "man this looks awesome, too bad it will be shut down early/eventually". eh, what can you do... gonna deff enjoy the s*** outta this for as long as i can.

xabmol1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Only reason I don't have a ps4 is because this game isn't out!!