Dragon Age Inquisition: How to Kill a Dragon

weAddict: Here we will guide you (How to kill a dragon and control your A.I. teammates effectively.) We’ve provided the guide below, to use at your leisure.

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Dreaming-Art1347d ago

You need to put some more effort

Hamzaali1347d ago

poor article , no puntuation . not a proper guide . well better luck for next time

jasminlenovo1347d ago

you have Miss all the essential guides in this article . improve it

qwerty6761346d ago

no need for a guide, dragons are easy in this game

just get your knight to a point where she has guard or barrier up almost all the time.

soondragon671346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Step One: Use Vivienne
Step Two: Win

bananaboats1346d ago


also i love using cassandra as my tank with the templar skill tree. buffs on top if buffs. although i will admit the highland reaver was a pain in the ass even with all my guys at lvl 20

Stapleface1346d ago

I don't use Vivienne at all. But I still kill the dragons. Iron Bull, Cole, and Solas usually. Though I did try out Vivienne yesterday for the first time in a while, had like 8 skill points to use.. But she is a bad ass later in the game. Might switch out Solas for a change in abilities/banter between the group. My normal group has been pretty interesting to travel with as Iron Bull and Cole have a good line of dialogue as well as Cole and Solas.