Uncharted 3 Action Scenes You Will Love To Watch

Here is the list of Uncharted 3 action scenes you will love to watch

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saqeel411352d ago

Number 4 video is best amongs all

miyamoto1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Its really amazing how ND can come up with these excellent set pieces!
An U3's graphics are still breathtaking to this day.

U2 is still my favorite Uncharted of all time because of fun factor, storytelling, character chemistry and MP but I will always tell people how U3 tops U2 in the graphics, gameplay, animation, size and technical department.

I sincerely hope for an Uncharted Trilogy HD Remastered Collection including Golden Abyss on my PS4 to go with U4.

Fingers Crossed.

radler1352d ago

I would really like to see Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Wipeout HD Fury and God of War 3 rereleased as digital downloads on the PS4 online store.

Wipeout HD Fury already ran at 1080p 60fps on PS3 anyways, but it would be nice to have it ported over to PS4 since the current racing game selection is lacking. UC2/UC3 and GOW3 would be nice to play at the increased resolution/framerate as well, and I think in the case of Uncharted 3 it would also be a great multiplayer game for a lot of folks who didn't have a PS3 to experience it.

Of course, porting games over is easier said than done but I think it would be nice to get the Uncharted remasters out before UC4 launches, at least.

Dreaming-Art1352d ago

Scene uploaded BY VISUALKOVERLORD is my favorite

HeartsTurner1352d ago

Desperate to play Uncharted 4.....

pivotplease1352d ago

Yeah... I'm just wondering what kind of set-piece comes before Drake washes up on that shore. In U2 we have the train, U3 has the plane, so now what are we dealing with? It seems like the aftermath of a plane or boat crash...can't think of anything else. Maybe it was that set-piece ND was alluding to not long after U3 came out.

Master of Unlocking1352d ago

Here's hoping that Uncharted 4 isn't the final game in the series, the subtitle "a thief's end" has me seriously worried.
That said, I also remember that ND said in an interview a few years back that they weren't too keen on making sequels to their games on new-gen systems and prefered to start a new IP whenever a new Playstation console is released, so it unfortunately indeed looks like they're closing the Uncharted saga soon at the beginning of this PS4 gen to maybe move on to something else after U4 is released.