Threes Xbox One Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes -"Threes is one of those little gems that you sit down to play and find yourself still playing it 3 hours later, it’s highly addictive, easy to get to grips with and simple to play, so what is it about this game that I cannot get it out of my head. Honestly I find myself even going for a quick game between episodes on Netflix, the thing is eating my brain. Threes is so simple it’s beyond belief, yet it grabs you from the second you start playing and once you start creating big numbers it forever has it’s claws in you, never letting go. I for one am glad that Threes has had the balls to appear on the big screen and fight for its place in the market, it goes to show not everything that glitters is gold, and we gamers should sometimes forget about framerates, graphics and how many guns you have unlocked and simply play for fun sometimes. Having said that this is a mobile port and you can get it way cheaper on the Apple Store for instance."

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