Shanda Games to Publish 2K Games' Borderlands Online, 4 Classes Unveiled

Today, Shanda Games officially announced they will run 2K Games’ shooter MMORPG Borderlands Online in China. The game is adapted by the classical same name single game IP. Borderlands Online will be released on PC and mobile devices in China and is scheduled to be start beta in 2015 in China. Players now can apply for the beta key in the official site now.

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rawshack1321d ago

aye ??? is this for real

DeadlyFire1321d ago

Most likely yes. Why? Because MMOs sell more in China. They claim its because piracy in China is so high. Its the only way to get around it and earn big.

This isn't the first game geared for China as a MMO. NBA 2K also is a MMO in China. I expect in the future they might take WWE to China with an online game. THQ was in the process of doing this with a WWE Online game before they took a financial blow that killed them.

Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and a couple others are also in China as MMOs.

rawshack1321d ago

i see its just a little unusual .its a borderlands game with such a small announcement