Taking down Xbox Live permanently won't happen

MWEB GameZone writes: "It's one thing to claim you've taken down a service while it is down; it's another thing altogether to say you are going to shut down a specific service on a specific date with specific results.

We talk to a server expert about what it would take for Lizard Squad to make good on the threat to take down Xbox Live for good."

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HoldenZA1322d ago

I really hope it doesn't happen. The holiday period is the only opportunity for some people to play games.

cleft51322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

It won't be permanent, but I can see this group causing the network to go down for a few days. Which is really messed up. I just hope Microsoft doesn't rattle these people cages by saying anything, because these guys clearly want to be challenged.

These guys may think they are cool for this sort of threat, but in this day and age these sorts of threats can be seen as cyber terrorism. Only a matter of time before someone gets made an example of by the government.

lord zaid1322d ago

What annoys me most about this kind of thing is that it serves no purpose. It doesn't achieve anything.

rainslacker1321d ago

The network is probably going to be stressed regardless. Christmas day is like day one for console makers as you have so many new people logging in to try things out, all while downloading updates, and trying out all the different features, not to mention all the people that already own consoles getting new games to play.

MS servers went down one Christmas, and I'm sure there were issues every other year as well. PSN will probably have issues as well. Basically Christmas day is like a natural DDoS in it's effects because it's millions of connections suddenly logging in after presents get opened.

Otherwise, this article did have some decent overview of what happens during a DDoS attack. Nice to see something researched.

SonZeRo1322d ago

People who ddos are children who can't find anythig better to do than to be keyboard warriors. It takes no skill to ddos.

HanCilliers1322d ago

Anyone know about the alleged Anonymous threat to Lizard Squad?

Sillicur1322d ago

Yeh dont think it will happen either

byronimus1322d ago

Lizard squad is just a room full of playstation employees

poor_cus_of_games1322d ago

Yeah and that's why they had taken down psn recently.

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The story is too old to be commented.