Rumor: MGSV release date announcement coming Christmas Day

A new fan theory has popped up suggesting that Hideo Kojima wasn't teasing a June 22nd release date for The Phantom Pain at The Game Awards, rather he may have been teasing a release date announcement on Christmas Day.

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Relientk771289d ago

That would be a great Christmas present

mrbojingles1289d ago

I'd agree with you a million times over if I could.

I'm thinking March, like the 6th or 27th, to avoid other games releasing on the 20th.

teknx1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Kojima usually announces those kind of things at E3, TGS, or VGAs. So I don't know how true this actually is.

mrbojingles1288d ago

Well technically, if this is true, then he did announce it at VGAs. I'm pretty sure mgs4s release date wasn't announced at a major convention, wasn't it February ofv2008? For its June 2008 release?

Special-Agent-Milo1289d ago

I think I just had a heart attack. I thought it read MGSV Releases Christmas Day

kingmushroom1289d ago

It would be the best B-day gift ever.

Kivespussi1289d ago

If true, Kojima is confirmed to be God among men.

Seriously, whoever figured this out is some hardcore conspiracy theorist and knowing Kojima this might as well be true.

Grave1288d ago

Snake does believe in Santa Claus so it could happen.

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