Playstation Experience: Hands-On With Project Morpheus’ The Deep | Leviathyn

Chris Kochon finally gets some time with Project Morpheus. How does it feel? What needs to happen in order for it to be a success?

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Relientk771023d ago

That Great White looks pretty awesome

The_Infected1023d ago

Great to hear the experience was good.

"The depth perception and overall control of the whole experience was very impressive, and I enjoyed the short time I had with it."

traumadisaster1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

The experience was not good. He mentions eye pain, woozy and "not sure I want more than a short time with this."

Just like 3dtv, nice for a lil while then turn it off so I can really play skyrim.

I'm an early adopter, and I will be getting occrift, morpheus and Samsung vr with my note4, but I'm skeptical.

Angeljuice1022d ago

He does seem a bit of a wimp, talking about "pain" when he obviously means discomfort.

moldybread1022d ago

the amount of time people spend in front of a normal screen playing games and they already turn into zombies. can you imagine how they will be with something like this on their head for hours at a time?

i think this really is the next revolution or evolution of gaming. it looks damn cool but i dont think the mainstream public will gather traction for it. the price will likely be a barrier because it will have to be at least $200 if its any good and not everyone wants to be that confined to a headset. it might cause even more discomfort than 3d for some.

cool idea but it needs support and unless it becomes a major hit this will fall by the wayside like the playstation move did.

PoSTedUP1022d ago

yup, sounds as amazing as i hoped it to be. and we all can expect to experience more than just tech demos, that is the least of my worries.

mixelon1022d ago

I'm betting on a slightly polished up Morpheus/OR Alien Isolation patch/version.

Seriously, AI is unbelievably cool in VR. Everything is so seamless, it just needs a few tiny tweaks as they clearly didn't finish the implementation. (Looking down at your legs while using a ladder.. Aparently Ripley doesn't use her legs to climb ladders, just her arms, lol)

Looking through the grill on the lockers by moving your head, hiding and peeling by moving your head, everything works so damned well.

And Eve Valkyrie will be a killer app too. We're getting there! Within about a year Rift will have about as many killer apps as some consoles, which is impressive for a device that's not even out commercially yet.

SegaGamer1022d ago

I really want this thing to do well.