PSN Service Returns Following Possible Take Down by Hackers [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Sony now says the service is back up and running normally.

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uth111140d ago

it's up, just got my free EA games before the offer expired!

DVS-Zev1140d ago

Service returns? Hm.Guess i'll just go back to GTA online, which i've been playing all day

radler1140d ago

Yeah, it's weird that Sony publicly stated that the PSN was having issues when it was working fine for you the whole time. I wonder why Sony would lie like that? Pretending that their service was experiencing issues? I'm just glad you're here to expose them for their lies. Good job :)

FlameHawk1140d ago

What...the..hell...did I just read?

hiredhelp1140d ago

Radler ... You got issues with sony

shloobmm31140d ago

No he has issues with one guy saying his was fine all day as if this whole things is a lie when Sony themselves admitted an issue. Normally these things don't effect everyone in different parts of the world tho, so it is understandable how some people can remain online while others cant.

jackanderson19851140d ago

the media really need to stop reporting on this crap... brings the idiots attention so they'll keep at it everytime it gets reported on

NegativeCreep4271140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

Telling the media to stop reporting on events like this because they just make things worse is like telling a dog not to drag it's stained a$$ across the carpet. It's just in their stupid nature.

DefenderOfDoom21140d ago

Well my PSN has been working for hours now.

But my Comcast HD cable tv box is having trouble connecting to the X1 Platform again! (not XBOX1) This happens all the time!!!

Harold_Finch1140d ago

Aren't we a selfish little sod?

Akuma2K1140d ago

I've been online all day, didn't experience and service interruption at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.