Even Drake's Chest Hair Is Affected By Wind Physics In Uncharted 4, Has 800 Facial Animations on PS4

According to Naughty Dog, Nathan Drake on PS4 has 800 facial animations on PlayStation 4 as compared to just 120 facial animations on PS3 and even Drake's Chest Hair is affected by Wind Physics in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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CallOfDutyFan1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Wow! This is the best looking game ever on consoles IMO!
Can't wait to get my hands on it!!

..and that chest hair tho! lol

Illusive_Man1263d ago

No it isn't.

The Order 1886 looks better and on Xbox One Quantum Break looks better.

Silly gameAr1263d ago

Keep saying that long and loud enough, maybe you'll actually start to believe it.

Anyway, I'm ALMOST sure that CODfan dude is trolling.

beastModeOn1263d ago

Why are you even in PS article xbox fanboy?
Keep those tears flowing.

GameNameFame1263d ago

With what hardware. You won't close 40 - 50 power gap on hardware.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1263d ago

Lmao oh please. Remedy wish they could match or rival Naughty Dogs work.

GameDev11263d ago

Order 1886 looks better in its finished state and considering RAD are running every heavy animation time as their engine doesnt have video play back, it is incredibly impressive

But Uncharted models looks very close and considering that is it pre alpha stage, oh man!

As for Quantum Break, lol, I know I am going to sound like a straight out fanboy here but Infamous SS already pulled that off. Facial animation, movements and textures of Jack joyce in cutscene and gameplay shown is not even close to Drake in UC4, his hair hardly even moves

Quantum break is more like Infamous SS imo

xTheMercenary_1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Look the order looks great and all, but don't compare it to pre alpha footage of uncharted, when you see the almost finished product then you can say which game looks better.

Even if Uncharted ends up not being a graphical monster which i doubt because naughty dog are one of the best developers and ensure all power is utilised for ps exclusives, it'll be 100x better than the order overall.

Also Quantum Break looks awesome but it wont be as graphically stunning as uncharted 4, i could be wrong though. We'll have to wait and see at the end of next year.

Bathyj1263d ago

He's jelly because he only has one facial animation. Trollface.

metatronx1263d ago

plz dont put QB in the same sentence as UC. QB looks great but its not on the same lvl as UC4

sAVAge_bEaST1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )


your so JELLY.

MALVAD01263d ago

and guess what delusional troll THE ORDER and UC are first party studios LMAO


guyman1263d ago

Maybe the order 1886, but not quantum break. the uncharted 4 effect brings out the worst of the worst in haters

bouzebbal1263d ago

try harder next time.. this is the pre alpha build and see how phenomenal that looked.

OB1Biker1263d ago

I'm sorry I don't agree. Many brag about QB graphics but while it does look good the characters don't look that impressive IMO

DevilOgreFish1263d ago

"Furthermore, Naughty Dog also announced that in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Nathan Drake's chest hair is affected by wind physics. Here are some of the interesting tidbits from the developer panel:

Naughty Dog stated that "a considerable amount of time" has passed between Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and Uncharted 4: A Thife's End. In Uncharted 4, every single hair moves with wind and water and Hair has true physics and move around as player run. "

I don't think i saw anything resembling similar to tressfx in the 15 minute gameplay video...or even "chest hair" for that matter. this sounds more like what the old presentation of Nathan was.

The 15 minute video shows Nathan's hair staying the same shape under all circumstances.

G20WLY1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

^Devil, let me try to help you to comprehend.

This game is still in development, it's VERY still in development! Check out this article which notes the speed at which they are making improvements at this stage:

In short, whether you could see it in the streamed video or not is irrelevant; indeed, it might not even have been there. What WE (the public) saw is definitely not representative of what they are seeing daily in the ND studio right now.

I loved the gameplay reveal and was wowed by it, but I wasn't truly blown away until I downloaded the high quality 3.8gb file.

Now forget brand loyalty for a moment and look at it as a gamer. This is PRE-ALPHA. If you're not excited to play this and can't acknowledge the stunning attention to detail, well sadly, you're no better than the rest of the Xbox fanboys around here.

Look at Illusive_Man up there - do you really want to be seen like that? Keep it real, be honest and enjoy games, man. ;^)

Rockstar1263d ago


Take some more crazy pills!

Ezz20131263d ago

""He's jelly because he only has one facial animation. Trollface.""

Damn you, i was going to say that

*No i wasn't*

Father__Merrin1263d ago

Quantum looks average(pausing graphics & slowing down does not equate good graphics), uncharted looks much better leagues ahead in fact. i cant wait for you to be proven wrong...

RedDevils1263d ago

Quantum Break lol that myth

ScaryMonkey1263d ago


LOL, uh NO.

Perjoss1263d ago

People comparing unreleased games.

I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

DevilOgreFish1263d ago

G20WLY - "
^Devil, let me try to help you to comprehend.

This game is still in development, it's VERY still in development! Check out this article which notes the speed at which they are making. "

I understand, it's a pre-alpha and it's still in development. The game also launches next year. with it's release many months away (Nov/Dec) I would expect them to have Tressfx, and chest hair simulation by then.

pop-voxuli1262d ago

Quantum Break??? Oh sweet buttery Christmas, now I've heard everything! Thx for the lol dude!

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LackTrue4K1263d ago

Naughty Dog really showing other developers how its done!!!

"lets show us are chest hair"

MaxwellBuddha1263d ago

So CHEST HAIR PHYSICS is why we can't have 60 frames per-second gameplay.

Good to know.

Inzo1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

And 60 frames is important how?

WitWolfy1263d ago

Whats it with idiots like you and 60 FPS??? As long as I dont get screen tearing and next to perfect draw distance I'm happy!

Kivespussi1263d ago

Yeah, 30fps brings the perfect cinematic experience the game needs.


Is it confirmed it's 30fps though? If so, that's disappointing. Especially after they themselves said when TLOU remastered released that once you have 60 you can't go back

bouzebbal1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

did you play infamous second son? 30fps does it perfectly for this kind of games.
multiplayer 60fps however is kind of the standard right now.

Snookies121263d ago

Man, why can't people understand this... The game is about a YEAR away. They have plenty of time to optimize it so that they reach 60 FPS. They lock it in to 30 while they play test and set down the core features and map out the game. Once that's finished, they go back and polish/tweak the engine so that it runs as smoothly as possible. There's no reason to be doing that until the main groundwork of the game has been laid out.

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Gaming247allday1263d ago

So Mens chest hair turns you on?? lol

MRMagoo1231263d ago

So what if it does ? My wife loves my chest hair, it's not strange for people to be attracted to that. Unless you are one of those "men" that shaves their legs and vagina.

G20WLY1263d ago

So which are you - sexist or homophobic?

This is about attention to detail not sexual preference. Grow the hell up.

Flipfito1263d ago

Sometimes I wish my girlfriend had chest hair.

GamingTruth1263d ago

then I'd like to see the best looking game ever

miyamoto1263d ago

Naughty Dog just make sure U4 is 60FPS!

Like you guys said there is no turning back to 30FPS after TLOU Remaster.
You Promised.

geddesmond1263d ago

Nah man GTA5 is the most beautiful and technically advanced next gen title and I don't think any other developer will top that for a few years at least.

I love uncharted and can't wait for UC4 but even though its still in Pre Alpha stages and the graphics will most likely improve after seeing a thunder storm at night in GTA5. Nope UC4 isn't there yet. In saying that though I haven't seen a full hd uncompressed video of UC4 yet s my PC is too slow to run videos like that.

gapecanpie1263d ago

I thought they was going to get rid of the that cartoonish look... It is the best cartoonish looking game on console and that ain't saying much.

Clunkyd1263d ago

It's funny how the best looking games are actually console exclusives. Oh the irony! lol

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Relientk771263d ago

Now this is Next Gen

Naughty Dog playing with chest hair and wind physics, like bosses

hennessey861263d ago

Until it simulates real time ear wax, I'm not interested

Muzikguy1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I want to smell the sweat of battle! And when are these people ever going to have to take a dump?! No more toilet paper??? Now that's scary!!!


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imXify1263d ago

Nucleus is a beast engine to work with! As every effect you do will interact with other and not in a seperate system.

crazychris41241263d ago

If they are doing all of this now can you imagine what they can pull off at the end of this console cycle??

Kivespussi1263d ago

Hahaha, it's funny because it hurts :(

Xsilver1263d ago

they Said 60fps is still the target for UC4.

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