The Last of Us – New Multiplayer DLC Details & Offscreen Gameplay

MP1st - The Last of Us multiplayer is getting some new DLC, as was shown off during developer Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Tournament panel at The PlayStation Experience.

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Nitrowolf21316d ago

Those new executions are brutal

Lightning Mr Bubbles1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I was hoping the new DLC would be story related, but I should of known better. Obviously

ABeastNamedTariq1316d ago

They said they aren't doing anymore single player DLC a while back.

ps4gamer19831316d ago

That tactical shotgun shoots more like a bolt action sniper that has no scope on it. Kinda cool but looks a little overpowered seeing how little recoil there is and the quick recovery time between shots. Hope it's free so it doesn't give advantages for payers.

-Foxtrot1315d ago

Won't make a difference for Europe fans since they censored it for us.....all because of Germany laws.

MMOBytes1316d ago

anyone know if this will be included free of charge with the PS4 edition?

Thatguy-3101316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Why would it? I was hoping they would introduce runners and clickers on the matches. I'm still hoping that comes.

inmusicutrust1316d ago

Hate to burst your bubble but it won't.

jjonez181316d ago

That'll probably be a big selling point in TLOU2 MP because when UC4 launches production will switch to that just like with UC3 when TLOU launched.

XtraTrstrL1316d ago

I wish they'd do like Killzone and Garden Warfare and keep PvP stuff free, that way it doesn't split up the community. They have tons of customization stuff that they sell already.

Master-H1316d ago

Not just customization stuff, that ship has sailed.
There have been DLC weapons and even perks for a while (which are not free even on the PS4 version).
Kinda lame in my honest opinion.

georeo1316d ago

It's just weapon/perk dlc.doesn't split anybody up.

lonelyplayer1316d ago

New modes with infected people with be great

CervantesPR11316d ago

TLOU multiplayer is amazing will buy this DLC day 1, no other multiplayer is quite like it, this game is a pure 10/10 from almost every angle

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