Drawn To Death Has Lots of Gore and Depth - IGN Conversation

IGN - Greg and Vince talk about why they enjoyed Drawn to Death So much, and why it's much more than it initially seems.

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Lawboy21260d ago

Really looking forward to this arena shooters so this will be awesome on my ps4....also it reminds me of sunset overdrive because of the guns but is mp game

SoapShoes1260d ago

I'm excited because its not the same darned shooter, it is pretty unique. I can see this being a successful series.

Kalowest1260d ago

It does look unique, but I don't know about it becoming a successful series(if it was F2P maybe). Hopefully this is a PSN title, because it's not looking like a $60 purchase.

Lawboy21260d ago

Yeah that's what pulled me to plants v zombies...that is one of my favorite games this happy they gave it for free for the ps4

Lightning Mr Bubbles1260d ago

Jaffe, stop wasting our time. Is this even a real game or a PSN downloadable? I'm serious, I don't know, If I have to ask, it's not a good sign.

You already wasted everyone's time with that new Twisted Metal game that was actually a PS2 game.

Lets not even mention Calling all cars or whatever.

When are you gonna make a real game again?

breakpad1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

worst most cheap game shown ever ...
David Jaffe= pure crap games

CernaML1260d ago

^You two seriously need to get a grip.

guyman1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Look at these children complain about a game that is flipping early in development! Urg so pathetic

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Jaffe, stop wasting our time. Is this even a real game or a PSN downloadable? I'm serious, I don't know, If I have to ask, it's not a good sign.

breakpad1260d ago

exactly that ..i m wondering what hte Fk people like about this sit game...David jaffe is peter molyneaux of Sony ..a lot of talks and the games are completely garbage

Omegasyde1260d ago

@bubbles its a real game and its good. Stop hating.

Relientk771260d ago

You can tell this comes from the mind that made Twisted Metal

N4g_null1260d ago

Sweet concept. I'm happy for David. He has a winner here but it maybe on the wrong platform. Ps4 owners don't like cartoon stuff.

pivotplease1260d ago

R&C had better art direction and PS has advocated more art styles than any other company if you look at their backlog, but you're probably not talking about SSO because that would be inaccurate. I don't not like it...I just probably wouldn't buy it.

freshslicepizza1260d ago

i think someone high up at sony must have some racey photo's of david or something because he seems to be a slave to sony. his past couple of games sold terrible but yet he refuses to launch on more platforms. this game has steam written all over it, a platform that actually has a userbase that sticks around unlike consoles where gamers move around way too much and the community dies quickly unless you have a game marketed like destiny.

plus sony is open to cross-platform play meaning pc gamers and ps4 gamers could play together. so unless sony is funding his projects i dont understand why he wouldn't want more commercial success? yes the ps4 is selling amazingly but this is a niche game that will likely get buried among other games out there.

N4g_null1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I get that above stigma of cartoon dislike from a bunch of sony fans. It is mostly the immature ones but it is there. I think the game rocks but from what I understand sony gamers want the best graphics and arena shooters are stupid and lack story. I'm sure there are a ton of cell shader lovers on ps4 but we are out numbered by the realism guys and cod fans. Even sunset overdrive got flak for being unrealistic.

I just don't think this will sell even though it should. It would do better on pc possibly. I'm glad ps4 fan disagree now please go out and buy this game so we can make more!

It says arena shooter.... no single player adventure. That along will cause many to not buy it. Look at the comments below. Oh I hope it has more of a story. I understand you guy love stories but Jaffe is old school. This maybe his quake. Who knows.

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TomahawkX1260d ago

game looks sick can't wait to play it, I hope they don't skimp on single player campaign

RaDhi1260d ago

same here, hope there is a single player campaign as well

HaveAsandwich1260d ago

twisted metal vibe, for sure. love it.

telekineticmantis1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Yeah it has the dodgeball charge up the same way the chainsaw used to charge up by dragging it on the floor, destructable environments like all the old twisted metals seems to be making a return aswell as entering buildings, Jaffe knows how to make some twisted concepps, I would love to have a story and or co-op mode.

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