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The Crew is a game for those that like racers, and need something to occupy that slot between a simulation and arcade title. The Crew never fully delivers on the promise of an online racer with a huge, populated world. It does, however, deliver a competent racing game that is sure to please fans of the makes and models featured, and fans of movies in the vein of Gone in 60 Seconds.

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crazychris41241351d ago

They need to work on fixing these issues:

1.Stabilize the servers. Have had my connection drop 2 or 3 times during missions so I lose my progress.

2. Rubberbanding especially in chases is just insane. You could ram the cops into buildings and they will drive at light speed to catch up to you or they will spawn directly in front of you.

3. Car handling is still off. I use sport setup and I have full upgraded handling but when Im landing my car off a jump the car will sometimes randomly spin out.

4. Multiplayer matchmaking needs to match people with cars of a similar car level. Its not fun when you are a level 350 and the other guy is 1050. Should match people within 100-200 car levels.

5. Characters during missions talk way too much. Way too annoying during missions when you have somebody repeat the same thing over and over and over again. I know I have to win the race stop telling me that.

uth111350d ago

yeah an option to silence the dialog if you played a mission more than once would be nice.

JoeMcCallister1350d ago

Totally agree with all these points. Well put.

Masterchief_thegoat1351d ago

this game is a legend in the making /s