PSX: No Man's Sky 60fps trailers

No Man's Sky 1080P 60fps

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Gamer07111349d ago

This game looks too good to be true. Let's just hope the content within the game is enough to warrant extended play times. It would be a shame to get bored with this game after just a few hours.

1nsomniac1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I'm still completely at a loss of what the endgame actually is, what is your actual mission??

The idea is awesome but it worries me that absolutely nothing has been said about what you have to do other than you find new planets & Species. If that is actually it then the game isn't going to last a week despite it being completely procedurally generated.

Only thing I Hope is that they fix the pop-in & texture issues before launch.

ABizzel11349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )


I agree somewhat, but considering you have a health bar, I'm assuming there are going to be some unfriendly creatures on these planets and possibly some in space as well. You might also be able to have PvP fights. Plus you have ammo inventory, and I remember seeing a video a while back of a ship shooting through a large rock, and there was a fleet of ships in space.

Again all assumptions, but there has to be a reason for a health bar, but first and foremost this game is about exploration and discovery.

UnwanteDreamz1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

There is a Black Hole at the center of the galaxy/system that the player is trying to reach. This is the point as I understand it. You can make your own fun exploring but the point is to reach the black hole. Resorces are needed for the trip. There will be enemies and danger in space and on the planets. Cmon guys this isnt speculation the devs have done numerous articles giving lots of info. The fleet you saw were bad guys. The ships in formation with you are a defence upgrade. Probably no pvp because everyone starts on a random planet. They said the chances of friends finding eachother were low due to the vast distances involved. All of this info came out after E3. There are many more confirmed details you just have to look. I think its ridiculous that you say nothing has been said when it has been. Have you read any of the developers interviews?

I'lll share another detail no one seems to remember. You will be able to play different ways. Players interested inspace piracy and fighting will have ships and gear they can aquire desinged for just that. People who like to explore and gather will have ships and gear for that.

1nsomniac1349d ago

I've read lots of articles & viewed lots of developer diaries/interviews but like I said, not one as explained what you have to do.

The health bar is a good point. I've heard nothing about this black hole though or needing resources.

It's starting to sound even better though!

UnwanteDreamz1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )


They did a GI inteview for the magazine. Everything I posted and more was in that issue, If you can find it. I wont lie I too have more questions then answers, but the answers I did get just made me more excited.

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medman1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Man, listen...I would be content to explore endlessly searching for new forms of life and mysterious planets...the fact there are space battles and exploration on foot with "gun" play, is phenomenal. Underwater exploration? Check. Caving systems? Check. I've been sold. It looks absolutely incredible all the way around. I just need a release date so I can plan ahead and say goodbye to everybody because once I enter my gaming cave and boot this in my ps4, the rest of the world will cease to exist...I will lose my mind to this game!!!!!

P.S. also, in addition to what Unwantedreamz said...Hello games has said players will be flung out all over the place, and running into people will be rare, but they also have said they are working on some sort of multiplayer component for the game, though that is about all they've said about that particular mode and when Sean mentioned that mode it didn't seem he was particularly sure himself what form it would take. But they are aware people may want to play together, team up, or battle each other, and have said they're working on it...what form it takes, if any at all, we'll see, but they did at least mention it.

ABizzel11349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Was NMS confirmed to be 1080p @ 60fps?

If so this all but confirms a Morpheus patch IMO. Graphically it's on par with a game that should be able to run Morpheus (in-between PS3 and PS4, artstyle is really what's going to sell these Morpheus games), and a steady 60fps is the main goal of Morpheus games.

bumnut1349d ago

Is Morpheus 60 Hz? Oculus Rift is 75 Hz and rumour has it the retail version will be 90 Hz. 60 Hz doesn't cut it.

ABizzel11349d ago

PS4 games can run 1080p @ 60fps, so Morpheus uses lost frames to implement a pseudo 90Hz signal in games that run 60fps.

There are tons of previews out there and almost all have been positive (especially the PSX previews), so what point would it make even if it was 60Hz (which technically it is).

corroios1349d ago

One of the biggest games for 2015. Very nice. Well played by Sony to get this.

bumnut1349d ago

Are you serious? It looks like crap and they still haven't shown any real gameplay, Looks like a budget title.

I was interested in this game but the more I see of it the less interested I become. If all you do is fly round and land on a planet with nothing on it, then fly off, im not buying it.

corroios1348d ago

It looks diferent. That could be good or bad, but more than this its not another milked FPS, with no story...

Lets wait for more information, but i hope is something fresh and not one of those games that come out every year, full of bugs and with broken multiplayer.

bumnut1348d ago

I agree it looks different and I love space games, I just have a bad feeling about this one after watching this video.

If future videos show some nice interesting gameplay, I will probably buy it.

UnwanteDreamz1349d ago


You have a right to your opinion and I wont dismiss it the way you dismissed corroios' s however uninformed and ignorant the words you typed might be. Next time maybe try not being an outright @sshole though.

bumnut1349d ago

So disagreeing is uninformed and ignorant? It was a valid comment and I stick by it.

As for calling me an asshole, I have decided to act like one and report you :)

TheBrit1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I can honestly say after watching the video from the playstation experience, (which seems to have been a dull event with no super exciting news as hyped, again as not a lot of WOW news has been written about it, just a few demos to play, videos to watch and wow street fighter exclusive to the ps4 <sarcasm> ) I agree that this game, from what they have shown, looks like it would put me to sleep faster than it took to install it to the hard drive.

If they were trying to excite people with that video, my lord they made an epic fail in my mind.

darksky1349d ago

this could potentially be like minecraft where it had no real objectives at the start and they eventually added stuff to do. Maybe they will add more play modes, missions, etc after release.