Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Did Not Look Like the PlayStation Experience Demo Just Three Weeks Ago

During the “Story Time” panel held at PlayStation Experience, PlayStation Software Product Development Head Scott Rohde talked about how quickly Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is evolving.


Updated with two pictures from Naughty Dog's character panel.

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Relientk771321d ago

Naughty Dog really making progress, learning the PS4. Nothing but good things

Letthewookiewin1321d ago

It seems we have the same phantom disagreers following each article it's usually 6 or 7 of them. HI GUYS!

AndrewLB1321d ago

Jimmy- Once again, attacking the source instead of the message with facts?

DigitalFoundry said it best:

"we suspect that the original footage may indeed have been rendered offline within the engine. That's a shame in some respects because, for some, the discussion now isn't about how great the game looks - and let's be clear here, Uncharted 4 is often stunning - but rather about how it falls short compared to its initial reveal."

^^^ This is EXACTLY what i've been saying since E3 and received nothing but insults, downvotes, and rabid fanboy nonsense in return. Ahh... i love being right.

starchild1320d ago

Yeah, you were right. The game still looks fantastic, just not as good as that first trailer led us to believe.

ltachiUchiha1320d ago


So your going to really question ND's ability to reach that mark despite their track record of always delivering? Were talking about the best studio in the industry here. I dont care what any fanboi thinks about ND because reguardless how much ppl may hate ND, they always deliver. Trust me Uncharted just from that demo shown is GOTY Material. I cant wait for them to drop the beta for multiplayer. ND has mastered that part down aswell with TLOU & im sure Uncharted 4 multiplayer will be awesome aswell with an amazing story and campaign and graphics. Doubting ND is like doubting Rockstar with RDR & GTA or Kojima with MGS.

Utalkin2me1320d ago

Are people forgetting how UC2 and 3 looked so much better at final release then it did when they revealed it?

hiphopisdead1320d ago

This generation contains the most egotistical gamers I've ever seen. Digital Foundry and users like AndrewLB both are examples of this.

People work so hard on games, show undeniably strong demos of pre-alpha games, and people still want to hate, and justify their hate through speculation, and end up shitting all around the industry.

Here's how honest feedback sounds like. Pay attention Digital Foundry and AndrewLB.

Unless there's reason to believe otherwise, E3 reveal was all in game running on PS4. PSX demo was all in game running on PS4. Why was there slight graphical differences? Maybe because the E3 reveal was a canned cut scene with little else, whereas the PSX demo was actual cutscene, gameplay, map/level, AI, etc. A lot more was loaded. It was a cutscene within a game vs. a cutscene created for a teaser/reveal. In my opinion, the game hit the mark right on. Not only did they show a beautiful game, it looks so fun.

LuckyDuck121320d ago

Guise.. are we forgetting Naughty Dog cut scenes are usually rendered with more detail vs. active game play?

Wizard_King1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

*Dons my fanboy flame shield*

Ok let me put thing into a little bit of perspective for you.

ND are great devs but they are far from the best on the industry. They make very pretty hallway games. Lets face it, every UC game has been a hallway.
and at this very moment UC 1,2,3 and 4 all occupy the bargain bins at Game, EB ect.

That is because the fact that UC games are very pretty hallways with very little to no replay value, the stories are good but not worth the replay just to watch the cut scenes if you ask me. The multiplayer sections are also very limited in scope and does not drive the gamer to keep playing, an average gamer could be done with both the SP and MP of UC4 in about 25 hours. Not to mention that the gameplay seems so basic no matter how many times you see it, walk or run here, shoot bad dude, quick QTE event, repeat.

The problem with UC games as I see it is they don't have the same replay feel as other hallway games like MGS4. You can replay MGS games 10 times and still find something new or up the difficulty to make things harder this is not the case with UC games. Also there is very limited stealth features, shooting seems to feel like a Gears of War game.

Really the only thing UC games have going for them is fans invested in the story so far and the best visuals consoles have to offer.

But just like the last UC game i'll wait 12 weeks after release and pick it up in the bargain bin where it will wind up.

ND and UC are the messiah of Sony fans so I am expecting to be marked as trolling or disagreed with on mass, but I don't care, fanboys are stupid. I will get the game I will play the game but after the last for iterations I dont expect anything groundbreaking, I have a kick ass gaming PC so you can't get 10/10s from me just for visuals.

ltachiUchiha1320d ago


So if the gaming industry awards Uncharted 2 & TLOU the most GOTY awards of all time at their releases thats not enough to showcase why u dont believe ND are the best devs in the industry because no games on your swooped up pc has ever gotten as many awards. Dude i dont how much u put into your pc. Until a dev that exclusively makes a game for pc can win as many awards as TLOU. Come see me then.

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hkgamer1321d ago

i was worried that they kept the same engine for this gen as well but i guess they made the right choice.

JimmyDM901321d ago

Has anyone read the dualshockers comments on the articles written by this guy ( nelva) ? he's one of the least professional "video game journalist"/"blogger "/"whatever" that I've come across. He constantly goes to war with and bans people in the comments usually for little reason it seems. Dude has some serious anger management issues. Just look at this article for an example.

Plus his article titles are always sensationalist clickbait.

Gwiz1321d ago

Some people are not meant to be admin/moderator,i have seen this many times before.

sparks41211320d ago

glad im not the only one to notice it. As i was reading the comments i couldnt help but hate him.

The moment i saw the title i was like whaat?
then read dev quote which was easily understandable. quiet a few people mentioned this and instead of agreeing hes wrong, tries everything possible to prove himself correct.

ass = complete

CryofSilence1320d ago

As far as journalists go, Abriael does not fare well. He claims word economy, but he does precisely the opposite with an added spice of sensationalism. The vast majority of his titles make reading the rest of the article pointless. Oh well.

Hanuman1321d ago

True, but it's still miles and miles away from looking like E3's teaser. It looks great, but I was expecting more. I know this is early footage and the final game will look better at release, but still I got this 2005 Killzone feeling when seeing the footage from Playstation Experience.

RevXM1320d ago

KZ2 was not presented as a playable demo until 07 I think.
Uncharted demo clearly was realtime if that is what worries you. Most obvious detail to prove it is that during the PSX showing the player lost control and Drake fell into oblivion dragging the camera with him and clip down out of the game world before the game reset itself to a checkpoint.

Also it looks to build on the existing engine and I could see things that will typically appear in realtime gameplay rendering and more specifically things that happen/exist in previous Uncharted games like some rougher animation transitions that never would have been if it was pre-rendered.

First trailer looks better, but the game is still in alpha and looks phenomenal as it is. I don't think the final build will be easily distinguishable from the initial trailer/cutscenes.

XanderZane1320d ago

The game looks great yes, but it doesn't look like the E3 teaser them showed us earlier this year. Of course this is just an alpha version, so they might be able to get it close to that quality. Don't know if it will be 60fps however. The last Uncharted game didn't look like the E3 reveal when it was completed either. The gameplay looked similar to the version 2 Uncharted games. I still can't wait to play it myself.

kenshiro1001321d ago

I like how you're trying so very hard to downplay Uncharted Andrew.

UnwanteDreamz1320d ago

He's like a dog with a bone and wonders why people are negative towards his negativity.

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JoeMcCallister1321d ago

This is the reason I bought my PS4 first. MLB The Show and TLOU were nice compliments, but after that footage I'm very excited to see this.

pivotplease1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I feel like I bought mine for a lot more than this, but this is probably my most anticipated game...unless we finally get some Persona 5 gameplay and it looks mind-blowing.

KiwiViper851320d ago

You bought PS4 first because your most anticipated game was 2 years away?

JoeMcCallister1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Yes, and since most games were announced as multiplatform, it made sense. At the outset it looked to me like PS4 was the clear frontrunner, and as an MS only person last gen, it was a decision to get those series (removed: games) I didn't get by not owning a PS3.

GameDev11321d ago

Its mental the work ND put in for a demo that would have been more likely for next years E3 but had to be showed for this event

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Forn1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

It'll be awesome to see more of the game leading up to release. The gameplay and visuals are already looking to be absolutely spectacular, not like I expected anything less from Naughty Dog. I'm very interested in what the story will be this time as well.

Amazing games are coming in the Spring and throughout the year of 2015. Can't wait to experience them all.

I know this is unrelated, but has anyone seen where this gif source came from? The Order just visually looks... Like... Omgoodness good!

hkgamer1321d ago

visually the order looks amazing, but gameplay wise looks very basic.

i hate to judge a game before playing it but i feel that i would love the storyline/characters/cinematic s but gameplay would be the boring middle parts. not saying it wont be enjoyable though.

for uncharted and naughty dog. i trust in them making a great enjoyable game. the first uncharted actually brought me back into gaming.

Spotie1321d ago

What the hell are you people expecting out of the gameplay? Can't a game just have good solid gameplay? Why does every game have to reinvent the genre?

Complaining about no new gameplay mechanics is stupid. Complain if the mechanics are poorly implemented.

An(not to you, hk, but in general) for god's sake, stop bitching about games not being "next gen" in more than graphics if you don't have the first clue what that would entail.

hkgamer1321d ago


im not expecting much out of gameplay.

but out of all those clips seen im not too impressed.the thing about the order is that it looks great, i like the art style, the setting. gameplay is the only thing that hasnt impressed me. the werewolf stuff is ok though.

i understand it doesnt have to reinvent anyhing, though something about the videos just makes me feel like something is missing. as i said, i hate to judge a game before it comes out, especially over gameplay when i havent even touched it yet but i just get the feeling the gameplay is going to be ok and i would enjoy everything else a lot more, just a feeling, thats it.

OB1Biker1321d ago

I could nearly expect this guy behind Galahad taking a pic.