Bungie on Destiny's Lack of Story, The New Raid, and Destiny 2 - PSX 2014

IGN - We sat down with Deej from Bungie to ask him some tough questions about Destiny's launch, current state, and future.

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MMOBytes1316d ago

Doubt he will ever admit that it was an early access release, I hope they can fix the story.. will see if that is promising or not in a few days.

JoeMcCallister1316d ago

I just think it's going to be tough to salvage any story in Destiny. I hope they do, but retcon/shoving it in post-launch isn't easy especially since it was so clearly just stripped to the bones at launch.

Here's hoping Destiny 2 will be a lot of the same gameplay, but just amplified and refined with a better story.

MMOBytes1316d ago

/agree They could just "fix it", and add special bonuses to revisit the story in a hard mode, but.. ya, I have my doubts. I then ask myself, how the heck are they going to salvage the story in a part two? You'd have to assume that everyone has been reading the grimoire. Which no one does! I love the gun play, raid, but the rest kind of sucks.

theDivision1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Couldn't agree with you more. Maybe if they put cards up during load times I would read them but if I have to go to a separate website I'm sorry that is a poor job with the story. They should just let me go see the speaker and him narrate every card I have when I click on it or something.

Meltic1316d ago

why in Earth name didnt they make the dark below free instead. They just like HEY buy our DARK below which is a new storymode. Is that the thanks for a sucky ass story ?

DillyDilly1316d ago

I am guessing that the new expansion will be the one & only expansion. Destiny 2 will have a campaign mode. But hopefully there will be two campaign modes. They have to make up for Destiny 1 having no campaign mode & then a campaign mode for Destiny 2

Baka-akaB1316d ago

i very much doubt that . The first one is still release as scheduled , and plenty paid a pass already .

KwietStorm1316d ago

There's already at least a second expansion coming, I'm sure you know that, and people have paid for it already. And Destiny has a campaign. It's just lacking in story telling.

DillyDilly1316d ago

All right so after that second expansion comes out that will most likely be it. The rest of my comment stands

theDivision1316d ago

Two expansions for Destiny 1. Dark Below and House of Winter

Rimeskeem1316d ago

Can they make Destiny couch coop for current gen systems?

AKS1316d ago

Bungie will definitely need to address the storage issue very soon. Good to hear that is on the agenda. I'm close to capacity, and I broke down some weapons I would have probably kept if not for this problem, which annoys me quite a bit. Of my rare/blue PvP-only weapons, I've only kept my Silvered Hushwind-D and Stranger's Rifle. I had no room for the rest.

Acquiring 3 new weapons from Iron Banner and the pending release of lots of new gear in this expansion will cause a great deal of storage problems for me unless I get some more space.

I'm excited about the new raid, though. I am still missing a few things from VoG, so I should have plenty to do all week with 2 raids, nightfalls, weekly, and daily missions.

mediate-this1316d ago

You keep your rares? I only have exotics and legendaries in my inventory

Baka-akaB1316d ago

even then try having 2-3 characters , even with mostly exotic storage fill up too quickly

AKS1315d ago

For PVP only, yes, I do keep a few rares. The Silvered Hushwind-D auto rifle is outstanding for PVP. Attack rating does not count in the Crucible except in Iron Banner events.

I'm kind of curious why I got majority disagrees for what I said previously. Do people object to the idea that we need more vault storage space? That's mostly what I talked about. Seems like a rather pressing need to me.

AKS1315d ago


"even then try having 2-3 characters..."

I have tried it. I have 3 level 30 characters. I still barely have enough space.

porkChop1316d ago

Don't even talk about Destiny 2. Bungie said they would only make a sequel to Destiny if they earned the right to do so. Well, guess what? You haven't. You promised so much and delivered so little. The gunplay is fantastic, but everything else is just so poorly designed.

Avernus1316d ago

10 year plan, so yeah, Destiny 2 (+) is guaranteed.

KwietStorm1316d ago

lol they're on contract. If Activision wants a Destiny 2, *spoiler* they do, then Bungie will make a Destiny 2.

JeffGUNZ1316d ago

The 10 year contract calls for 3 full installments and DLC.

PygmelionHunter1316d ago

Only 3 installments? Haha... So naive.

JeffGUNZ1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@ Pygmelion Hunter. The contract was on this site when Activision got the rights. By installments, I mean Physical games, not DLC. Right now they are in agreement for 3 full-retail games. DLC will obviously be much more than 3.

PygmelionHunter1316d ago

I get it, but this is Activision we're talking about here. They might still be able to offer an even more attractive contract to Bungie in order to produce more entries in the franchise. The money is there for both sides. And if stale franchises like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed are still getting yearly releases, who's to say Activision won't follow suit with their more recent gold mine?

FamilyGuy1316d ago

Selling over 7 million copies solidified a sequel, regardless of the complaints people have. Millions still play the game daily even though many other games have come out that reviewed higher.

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