Four Ways The Game Awards 2015 Can Be Better

BNR: Let me get this out of the way: I watched The Game Awards 2014, the Geoff Keighley produced replacement for the VGAs- and I enjoyed them. If you followed my Twitter feed during the first several minutes of the awards, you'd have realized that. It was, on the whole, a classier affair than Spike's VGAs- dumb jokes and Mountain Dew were, for the most part, dodged. However, there were several (big) mistakes made during The Game Awards 2014. They weren't big enough to get me to turn the show off- but they were pretty significant. This was my first year watching, and I intend on watching next year- but some things need to change. Here are four things that could massively improve The Game Awards 2015.

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crazychris41241352d ago


I heard the words world premiere so many times during the show that by the end, they sounded were devoid of meaning

2. Improved Audio Equalization

This is a pretty big deal- several times during The Game Awards 2014 I found myself either straining to hear and cranking my volume up, or scrambling to get my headphones off before I suffered permanent hearing loss.

3. An Explanation of Why Games Win- Make Me Care

The Game Awards got compared to the Oscars- but I think that if they went to explain why the games in the show won, it’d be a lot better off.

4. Better Categorization of Games

One category of the award show that particularly irked me was the category for “Best Handheld/Mobile Game”.

I would add new categories like Best Racing , Best Sports, Best Innovation in Gaming, Most Underated Game and Worst Game of the Year.

Jourdy2881352d ago

>sounded were devoid

Whoops, I made a mistake there! While I think "most underrated" would be a good category, worst GotY might be kind of discouraging.

bouzebbal1352d ago

yeah the World Premiere thing is really overused in there and i've only watched highlights of the show. Over 3hours is way too long and i dont think there were any big reveals like the ones he teased a few days before. Very disappointing show overall and PSX put it to shame a few hours later.

Testfire1352d ago

"Improved audio equalization"

This was likely a problem with the site you were watching it on. I watched on YouTube and the sound was fine (as was the connection) except for a couple instances where Geoff's mic volume wasn't on.

hkgamer1352d ago

at most events these days, all trailers/clips are world premieres. it was just an exciting term a long time ago.

no one has the guts to show up at an event showing something that has already been shown. except for se and its engine tech demo.

i mean sfv trailer got leaked so we got even more content for psx instead.

DefenderOfDoom21352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Well i have to admit that this years show was pretty good . CONAN OBRIEN skits were pretty good . And it felt more like a award show.

I would like to see a "Best Shooter Campaign Award" . Not sure if WOLENSTEIN NEW ORDER did not win because it had no multiplayer, and FAR CRY 4 did .
I think FAR CRY 4 won "Best Shooter" because FAR CRY 3 did not win at the 2012 VGA's, due too game coming out in DEC 2012 . Wait... what t#.,***? Why not do the show in January !!

Moonman1352d ago

5.) More Reggie and Nintendo games.

PixelGateUk1352d ago

6) Get Rid of youtubers

Really, why did they give them screen time over DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR??

TXIDarkAvenger1352d ago

I agree but I think they should still leave a youtuber/streamer section because it still is a big part of the gaming community though it should not be priority over developer of the year and the like.

PixelGateUk1352d ago

I have no time for the likes of justine and the hypocritical master mind that is boogie. It makes the show feel like The teen Choice awards

TXIDarkAvenger1352d ago

Some awards were given out kind of oddly. Like they were given in the crowd instead of on-stage and it felt rushed which I guess makes since considering even with this shortcut, the show was still 3 hours long.