Factory defect invisible Link Amiibo for sale on eBay

When Nintendo launched Amiibo, their NFC enabled figurines, few people could predict that there would be as many factory defects as there are. In the past week, we have already seen two rare factory defects, a legless Princess Peach and a twin-gunning Samus Aran. Now, we have a third factory defect Amiibo to add to the list, an invisible version of the Link Amiibo. Although, something seems a little off about this one.

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Relientk771107d ago

Amiibo Link complete with Harry Potter's invisible cloak?

I can't believe this is at $23,000 on eBay

Relientk771107d ago


it's over $30,000 now

so stupid

user55757081107d ago

ugh i want one of these so it can pay for my college tuition

Magicite1106d ago

nintendo is making money by selling plastic cases? damn!

pcz1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

just goes to prove how desperate and ignorant a lot of nintendo fans/collectors are when broken products are seen as something unique.

people should be appalled by the lack of quality for what is quite an expensive toy.

i told you they are just glorified keyrings

marloc_x1106d ago

Really pcz? Quite obvious it has been opened, HaHa!

Starbucks_Fan1107d ago

It's probably a joke bid. They don't have to pay for it.

Metallox1107d ago

Nice box, I'm buying it.

Jadenkorr0211107d ago

heres the fucked up thing. I work at gamestop and a manager in my district had THREE legless peach amiibo's and sent them back as defects.....SO MAD right now!

Ripsta7th1107d ago

Shouldve told em u wanted to buy them asap
A weird fetish tell them hahah

Jadenkorr0211104d ago

I know. Found out after he sent them out. I would have bought them all up.

lizard812881106d ago

I wonder if you can see her panties then?....
>_________________________ ______>

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EliteGameKnight1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Anyone else see the obviously peeled open top of the plastic casing?

hkgamer1106d ago

which kinda makes it an obvious joke and not a scam.

i just dont find the humor in this at all.

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