Uncharted 4: The 5 Best Features From The Gameplay Reveal

Uncharted 4 was given a gameplay demo at Playstation experience and it blew everyones mind. So The Project Ali has comprised a list of the 5 Best Features From The Gameplay Reveal.

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Relientk771293d ago

That Grappling hook yo!

gonna be using that a lot

Bathyj1293d ago

My only issue is its used on certain grappling points. I want to use it everywhere, Tenchu style. Especially offensively. How great would it be throwing a hook up at an enemy and pulling him off a ledge?

Forn1293d ago

Wonder if they'll add it to MP as well. So stoked to play U4. Bloodborne and The Order will keep me very happy until it releases as well. So many amazing games next year.

Rainbowcookie1293d ago

Hopefully not while you are hanging from it :)

Bathyj1293d ago

My favourite part was the combat. It looked so frantic, he was constantly adapting to the AI having to think on his feet.

I plan to stealth my way through whenever I can, I only hope thats possible. Was that first guy that saw him a set piece, or if he had got passed him could he have ghosted that whole level?

That level of choice in your play style is what makes games feel open for me, not simply having a wide geography to run around in.

joab7771293d ago

I love the dynamic nature in which the world reacts to your choices, and it seems like you can do whatver you want at any moment.

HeavenlySnipes1293d ago

The open environments and better stealth elements
The increase in environment interactivity

Relientk771293d ago

I'm very happy about the better stealth elements

I am gonna have a lot of fun with the stealth in this game

Bathyj1293d ago

As I said before, I loved the stealth in Uncharted 3 and when the Last of Us was announced it did not surprise me at all it looked to work so well.

Now theyre really fleshing this out on UC4 by the looks of it and I couldnt be happier. The reveal showed me eveything I wanted to see.

I've also said before Naughty Dog should be the ones to reboot Siphon Filter. I'm more convinced of that now than ever, but I know it will never happen.

TomLovesXBOX1293d ago

Too many features -6.8 IGN

Bathyj1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Overly green. Graphic intensity distracting to the eye. Too much to look at.

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