Lizard Squad Claims To Have Attacked Sony PSN Servers, Again.

"The hacking group calling themselves Lizard Squad are at it again. Not content with threatening to knock the Xbox Live servers offline forever on the birthday of the little Baby Jesus, the group is claiming to be behind another attack on the PSN Servers." - The Games Cabin

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Relientk771265d ago

You suck Lizard Squad, stop attacking the gamers

PSN is down for me

Snookies121265d ago

Don't worry, it's only a matter of time. They aren't going to get away with this forever.

Relientk771265d ago

I'll be happy, when they are finally caught

Septic1265d ago

Yeah but I bet they aren't even doing it. They could so easily be keeping an eye on status pages and claiming it's them when it's just down.

Either way, they're just losers and rebels without a cause.

jebabcock1265d ago

Shoot maybe we need a vigilante group to hack the wannabe hackers. Lol.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1265d ago

Yes they are. Corperations clearly shown that they don't care about the consumers enough to do anything about this past 'fixing' the issue after it's occurred. They are making no attempts to preemptively stop these attacks.

Eonjay1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Just in case anyone is wondering, PSN is back up.

Edit: At least Sony is getting better at handling these attacks.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1265d ago

It's not as bad as before. I was able to connect and stay connected for a while at least. Now maybe people will stop clicking links to download system updates and stop using modding software. Guaranteed that there are PS4's that have been infected with bots and malware that these @sshats are using as a starting point for these attacks.

Ares84HU1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Well I can't wait for the time when they are finally caught. This was my last day off this month because the Christmas Craze and I couldn't play Destiny with my friends online.

[email protected] you Lizard Squad!!!!

wsoutlaw871265d ago

lol them claiming responsibility every time someone cant sign in

TheSaint1265d ago

@Snookies12: Because Anonymous have all been caught, right?

SuperbVillain1264d ago

Aren't they based in Russia? If so I doubt anything can be done.

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MNGamer-N1265d ago

My PSN is down right now as well. Not sure if this is why, but it is down... again.

kneon1265d ago

Mine's been working fine all night, must depend on location.

Revolver_X_1265d ago

Yea, ive been on since 4pm est. No problems here

FlameHawk1265d ago

You're not sure why? Lol? Are you being serious? It's tells you why, on the article you clicked.

DawginTow11265d ago

Same, psn is down for me too }:-[

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FITgamer1265d ago

Same here. I was just about to try out PvsZ too.

Angeljuice1265d ago

I downloaded PvZ last night, went to play it and couldn't connect to EA servers. I couldn't sign in to PSN for all of 10 mins.
Maybe I got lucky and only caught the arse end of the disruption.

IcedOmega131265d ago

It's a conspiracy.. It's actually Sony cleverly putting the blame on a fictitious internet group to cover up outages.

Yes this is a joke.

trancefreak1265d ago

Man eff these beaches here i am going all my trouble shooting steps while psn has the magical online green light. The Ps3 was working but Ps4 was down so I thought it was just my machine.

Im tired of these losers and tired of the company's that are suppose to prevent this sheet.

BLow1265d ago

Yeah it sucks that this keeps happening. But hey centain fanboys in the other article about Xbox live thought it was unfair just to target MS. You guys happy now? Do you feel better? I just love gamers now days....O_o,

Mehmeh1264d ago


It sucks either way if its XBL or PSN.

Like come on, that duse who wrote that was trying to say "why is it only XBL that they (LizardSquad) went out and threatened". As opposed to the rest of the gaming platforms /PC, Nintendo, Sony.

Why should we who own a xbox be happy over someones DDosing PSN?
I for one are not.

MSBAUSTX1265d ago

Yeah me and a bud were in the middle of playing COD and now nothing works but party chat

Ozmoses1265d ago

Yeah it's down here for me to. It was up like 2 hours ago.. These guys need to seriously do something else.

There is no logical reason to attack a video game network.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891265d ago

I wonder if anonomous will attack lizard squad for tainting the hacktivist ideology. All their doing is proving nothing on the Internet is hack proof. Just leave shot alone we get it there's nothing corporations can do to stop you lol

pivotplease1265d ago

That is just awesome. They're out of their league now. I like the allusion to the FBI watching them. I hope they get messed up.

oneluckybullet1265d ago

thought they said the video was fake and anonymous said they dont care.

bohemian 231265d ago

Yep, they don't care about lizard squad.

pivotplease1265d ago

Is this supposed to be a movement in service of the consumers? Because I haven't noticed the benefit yet. These snot-faced kids should probably re-evaluate their group's's clearly not even in the pre-alpha stage yet.

Relientk771265d ago

Update: The PSN is back up for me, I'm logged in

PS: Lizard Squad still sucks

Npugz71265d ago

Do these loser nerds have nothing better to do!! Hope the police arrest these assholes!!

BX811265d ago

Yes XBL or PSN doesn't matter gamers form the head and go voltron on dat as!

Cam9771265d ago

Basement dwellers have nothing better to do.

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yewles11265d ago

Stop f*cking with my money's worth, jerks.

Gwiz1265d ago

I'm gonna send Vunter Slaus after them bro,lol.

Majin-vegeta1265d ago

Forgive me but I hope someone __________________ in these freaking clowns.

Masterchief_thegoat1265d ago

I don't see the fun outta this. all I see is some bunch of wannabe lowlife loser