GTA 5: The Futile, Misguided Intentions of Removing It From Stores

A GH editor's opinion on why the recent petition regarding the removal of GTA 5 from Australian retailers is ultimately futile and misguided.

"In GTA 5, I can shoot a civilian in the head with a .50 caliber pistol, steal an elderly woman’s vehicle, and run over 20 civilians as I attempt to escape LSPD.

Failing that, I could jump out of the vehicle, pull out a grenade launcher, blow up everything in sight, taking hundreds of cops and innocent civilians’ lives in some sort of last stand.

I could then put down the controller, shut off my game console, and eat dinner with my lovely family without participating in some sort of misogyny-driven act of abuse against my girlfriend or female relatives.

How? Because I (along with the majority of gamers) can separate fiction from reality. It’s really that simple."

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