Nintendo Looking to “Triple” Profits; Amiibo To Bring in 1 Billion Yen in US Alone

The myth of Nintendoom is slowly starting to fade, as marketing analysts see a surge due to hardware, software, and amiibo sales.

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-Foxtrot1267d ago

The Amiibos better not be a main feature in their next console. I don't want to see them try to exploit this gimmick even more.

Metallox1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

No, they won't.

I mean, what you are saying it's to make Nintendo machines like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, which just involves more inversion in the platforms, it's not good for consumers. Better make them just an optional feature.

mikeslemonade1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Nintendo makes money.., but what does that mean for me. The difference between Nintendo and the other two console holders is they keep that money for themselves while the other two pay for more content and better hardware. Right now I know I will buy one game for the WiiU next year and if you throw in Zelda that's two games for most people.

I don't work for Nintendo so it doesn't benefit me.

There's about 10 PS4 games I know I will buy for sure and maybe 5 games for the X1 I will buy. And this is not including multiplats because I'm not sure what all the multiplats are coming out next year.

Theyellowflash301267d ago

"The difference between Nintendo and the other two console holders is they keep that money for themselves while the other two pay for more content and better hardware."

Yeah cause Nintendo didn't pay for Bravely Default, Devil's Third, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Fantasy Life, and various other efforts on Wii U and 3DS from third-party devs.

"Right now I know I will buy one game for the WiiU next year and if you throw in Zelda that's two games for most people."

Are you really trying to determine what most people will buy? LOL GTFO dude. Splatoon, StarFox, Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles, Yoshi's Wooly World, Kirby, Mario Maker, and tons of eShop games will do just fine in 2015

AKR1267d ago

If Negativity had a character - you'd be it. Seriously dude, 9/10 of your Nintendo-based posts are so downing.

iplay1up21267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I am so sick of people always saying everything Nintendo does is a "gimmick" if you don't like it don't buy it! For gosh sakes my Wii U has had 8xs the amount of time than my PS4 has the last six months easy. By the way I hate the amigos, but hey if the make Nintendo PROFITS, so be it.

Also Skylanders which is on all platforms says hi, and Nintendo has the technology built right in to the gamepad. No "starter kit" required!

Benjaminkno1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

People seem to misunderstand the word "gimmick"...

A dvd player on the Ps2 was a GIMMICK...
Netflix software on a console is a GIMMICK...
A blu-ray player in the Ps3 is a GIMMICK...
A camera on a phone is a GIMMICK...

Gamepads, wii remotes, amiibo's, motion controls, all of these are not GIMMICKS because they are gameplay related.

I know the word "GIMMICK" sounds condescending but the Ps2 sold twice as good because it also operated as a DvD player... which was a.... (altogether now)

N4g_null1267d ago

Amiibos are not a main feature now. There is just the option to get them if you are into that. The main feature is nfc. With that you can make real account cards for floating accounts. I'm thinking the new pokken fighter might have pok e balls. It would be nice to use the camera on the gamepad for attack formation in an ar like ease. So yeah the gamepad can unleash way more than just normal controls.
Voice, ar abstracts, handheld vr, the thing real does rock. It mirrors what the new 3ds can do also minus the true portability.

Nintendo is always going to be about the games and game play. Only the youth or other fanboys will doubt that.

The functions of the Amiibo can go way deeper than the memory limit is letting on. We may get to see that in the next console though.

What is odd is how no one saw this coming. They almost refuse to see that nintendo was not doomed. The combining of r and ds and possibly game development in the future also triples nintendo game out put as both platforms mirror each other.

Winning the sales charts are cool but nintendo needs extra money to build that os and account system along with raising enough r and d money for a much more powerful console next gen. So yeah how much they make does effects us, just in the future. Also if you are a betting man, now would be the time to buy stock. Sony and Nintendo should net a huge win fall once the economy kicks back in.

Concertoine1267d ago

I dont get why you should care. It's not like your wii u experience is made worse by their existence. They just arent for you, clearly. A lot of people like them, hence why theyre buying them. Nintendo is making money off of them. What's to hate?

I wouldnt even call it a gimmick. Its totally supplementary, and just meant to give little incentives across various software.

Realplaya1267d ago

I hope they are why release something for one Gen?

If they are making a billion plus a year off Amiibo's I hope that they support the as long as they make games.

pepsilover_20071267d ago

I doubt they'll drop it next gen. There is no good reason to at this point. NFC is probably cheap to put in most devices, there is clearly a market for them and those who don't want one do not need one in most cases this far.

ChickeyCantor1267d ago

" gimmick "

You seem to say that a lot.

TheTwelve1266d ago

Nintendo always manages to make some gimmick work, don't they? They have serious luck on their side.

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Big_Game_Hunters1267d ago

I just want them to drop the Mii/Wii name.

shaw981267d ago

I don't mind Miis. Having my own little avatar is cool and is now so staple to Nintendo they can't get rid of them.

Though yes, after the Wii U has had a good long life, the wii brand needs to die.

Theyellowflash301267d ago

The wii brand doesn't need to die, I think they should take that brand over to smartphones and tablets.... microtransaction it to hell.

Big_Game_Hunters1267d ago

Its not for me but for them, the Wii/Mii brand is largely associated with "casual gaming" among a majority of gamers.

Personally i don't care, but if they want to win back the "hardcore" with their next console the best place to start is with their image, because unfortunately great games doesn't seem to be enough. I want Nintendo to strive so they can put more games out.

@yellow flash. thats actually a good idea, a wiifit app for smart phones would be hotcakes. a lot of wii owners that are "casual gamers" would recognize the wii brand. While their next console upholds a "hardcore" image they can make some easy money on smartphones with the Wii name.

SpiralTear1267d ago

The Wii name isn't nearly as much of a problem as the New 3DS name, but I still agree. Mii can stay, I guess.

randomass1711266d ago

I agree about New 3DS' name but can we say for sure if it is actually problematic from a sales standpoint? I heard it's doing pretty well in Japan. :v

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ritsuka6661267d ago

Good for Nintendo. WII U don't deserve the hate they get in the internet.

WeAreLegion1267d ago

What hate? The Wii U is the underdog. People have been praising Nintendo for months on the internet.

wonderfulmonkeyman1267d ago

You must not have been paying attention to all the chats during the recent Award shows.
The number of people bashing Zelda for its open world, despite it being an early build showing, was huge.
And that's just the Award shows; we're still getting arrogant jerks strutting around about Bayonetta 2 not hitting 1M on its very first day in the market, [despite the fact it took the first game thrice the install base on top of 6 months to reach that amount] amongst many other examples.

It's just a fact that there are a LOT of haters out there that do not even want to THINK about Nintendo succeeding.
They WANT Nintendo to go third party and then quietly die as their sales are strangled by a bunch of people who are "too mature for Nintendo" to buy Mario over other stuff like Call of Duty, Uncharted, AC, Halo, etc etc etc.

Frankly, I'm sick of all the hate, but it's out there, and it's still as virulent as ever.

Benjaminkno1267d ago

WiiU is the best experience for multiplat games (done right anyway), but die-hard CoD, AC, Need for Speed fans are unresponsive because it's Nintendo.

I'd call that "hate"

Older gamers resent the name "Wii".
It means "casual"

sinspirit1267d ago

All I need is a Marth Amiibo for my brother. I work in an electronics department and I haven't even seen them on our own shelves because they're gone so fast.

AJBACK2FRAG1267d ago

Shulk look's great and Zero Suit Samus look's purrrrrrrrrrr lol!!!!!!

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