Blackkatsec interviews on the recent Xbox Live hacks

The notorious Blackkatsec hacker group who is best known for their collaboration with the 2011 Lulzsec hacks as noted in the International Business Times recently answered questions via Twitter relating to the recent Xbox Live hacks.

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MagicGamer1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

kinda lucky to have had a conversation with Blackkatsec as they haven't been active on Twitter in a year or longer. Well, longer I believe because they haven't talked since the last attacks on the PSN.

qwerty6761352d ago

"Xbox Live hacks"

what hacks?

Funantic11352d ago

I never knew there were hacks. I've been playing just fine.

MeliMel1352d ago

Either Italian, Portuguese or Hispanic...

poppinslops1352d ago

Lots of people say 'ciao' - Hipsters, D-bags, Eurotrash in general... The Russians seem to show the most tolerance for 'hackers', and nobody stays hidden without a good place to hide, so that'd be my guess.

As to the 'hacks'...
- Overloading a network isn't hacking (It's a form of attack).
- These 'attacks' aren't working.
- The reptilian turds are either lying about or vastly exaggerating their 'success'... Either way their reputation exceeds them.

I mean, they claim they're gonna bring xbox live down FOREVER?!
They've yet to bring it down at all, so I doubt that even they believe that bull$#!t...