Sweet Tooth to Make an Appearance in Mortal Kombat X?

Junkie Monkeys: This is all speculation, so take the following with a grain of salt, but Ed Boon may have just hinted at Sweet Tooth being playable in Mortal Kombat X!

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Majin-vegeta1385d ago

Knowing most of his tweets end up coming true.I dont doubt this.SW would fit right in with all the gore.

Relientk771385d ago

Sweet Tooth Vs. Scorpion

honestly, I gotta see that.

nucky641385d ago

sweettooth in MC?.....awesome!

XisThatKid1385d ago

Did you just say "MC"? as in Mortal Combat or am I mistaken?

nucky641385d ago

you're replying about me mistyping a letter???

come on, man!

XisThatKid1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Yes and No. If it was anything else I wouldn't have wasted the digital ink. But The "K" in "Mortal Kombat" is signature, iconic and sacred among fans and followers alike. I'm not tryin to crucify you or anything I was genuinely confused, and if you did mean "MK" I'm just wanted to say (now that I've even went this far) "C'mon man".

NarooN1385d ago

Sweet Tooth is a perfect fit for Mortal Kombat. Don't believe me? Go look at the Twisted Metal: Black version of Sweet Tooth... Probably the darkest, grittiest most hellish version of Sweet Tooth in the entire series. I had nightmares as a kid from playing that game, lol. I'm sure they could come up with some crazy movesets for him with ease.

mxguy931385d ago

Weren't they supposed to show off mk at Playstation experience? I never seen any

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