UGO Secret Agent Clank Review

UGO writes: "Apparently, Ratchet's robotic sidekick Clank fills those hours he has off from saving the galaxy with a second life as a James Bond-inspired secret agent, complete with painted-on tux and bowtie. Who knew? Such is the case at least in High Impact Games' Secret Agent Clank, published by Sony exclusively for their PlayStation Portable handheld. The secret agent theme introduces an entirely new idea for the Ratchet & Clank series: stealth. Those who like their running and gunning have nothing to fear however; Clank can dish out the destruction almost as well as his Lombax pal can when he needs to. What's more, Ratchet, Clank's miniature Gadgebot buddies and even Qwark are all playable at various points throughout the game."

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